Corsual Let's Play: Cube World Ep.1

Corsual's EXP writes: "It seems as though I can't escape Cube World; over the past week, I've heard of little else. And rightly so, it would seem. It's a quaint little indie sandbox with some pretty heavy RPG elements, and before you ask, yes, it looks like Minecraft, and no, it doesn't play anything like it.

Your character in Cube World isn't a nameless, faceless one - it's a class, complete with skill trees, specialisations and stats that determine its success in combat; and the world isn't a place to build and manipulate, it's a randomly generated, endless wasteland filled with NPCs, enemies, dungeons and towns hidden amongst the foliage.

We're going to be playing it all week to see exactly what's in store, and on Friday, we're going to give a copy away to the audience for free. Come join us live on at 12:30 GMT+1 Mon-Fri to check out the show and earn experience for the giveaway; in case you missed today's show, here's the VOD:"

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