The Last of Us Ending Explained and Why It's Brilliant

Many of us have finished the Last of Us by now, but why did it go down like that? Here's why it's amazing.

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badboy7761953d ago


My question is this. Didn't Joel know that once he returned Ellie to the Fireflys that they would most likely need to kill her in order to extract the cure?Because she was already infected and we are no strangers to these type of situations in movies.Also what would've really been EPIC is if after Joel rescued Ellie from the Hospital that pictures of his Daughters Face popped up on the screen.

xPhearR3dx1953d ago

My guess is Joel figured they take blood samples and stuff and compare it to the infected and humans to diagnosis a cure. You can't really compare zombie movies to a game with it's own universe TBH.

As far as your last part, yeah actually. It would be sad, but also very touching.

NewMonday1952d ago

if you were really in his place would you really care about the world or be selfish, Joel is not a hero, just simply human.

xHeavYx1952d ago

If I recall correctly, there is an audio tape at the hospital where you hear that there are more people infected, so Joel didn't lie.
I also think that David wanted to help Ellie, but she was too stubborn and he got fed up

Lovable1952d ago


That's a false report. There is no such thing. This had been debated in many gaming website.

showtimefolks1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

like xPhearR3dx said he may have thought that they would take blood samples

i thought the ending fit the game because of the 15-18 hours journey the characters took together, in the end when ellie says swear by me what you said back there and in her eyes she wanted joel to swear even though she knew the truth

there is something single player dlc planned along with the fact game director said the if TLOU is successful they have future plans to make this into a series or atleast make a sequel, now many say this doesn't need a sequel what i say to that is its ND they won't just do it for money. They will only do it if it makes sense

its not like in the end everything is back to normal, so the last of us universe is very well developed and i can see a sequel doing very well to better explain the universe and to maybe find a happy ending by finding a cure

i am so glad developers stuck to their guts and made a ending they are satisfied with and not something that fans might have wanted or expected

talisker1953d ago

It would make sense with different people in the same universe but I agree Ellie and Joel's story should be left where it is.

CommonSense1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

No, what would have been "epic" (and by epic, i mean average since that word is way over-used) is if you had a choice of how the game ends.

instead of killing the doctors, you can just walk up to ellie. then ellie wakes up just long enough to look at you and nod as a way of letting you know she's aware of what's happening and what needs to happen.

i didn't want to be forced to kill that first doctor, i stood there for a couple minutes looking for another option.

i get that they wanted it to be a story of how you learned to love this girl like she's your own daughter, but that's pretty cliche. if it was a more original story, i'd be fine with being forced to linearly follow that ONE Path.

Alternatively...It would have been a much better ending if you nearly escaped with ellie but then get into another car accident (a call back to what happened to his daughter). Then, while carrying Ellie away (and she's already dead), he finds that she has a note (read in her voice - and as she's reading the note, it cuts to all the people that helped you along the way) that says the surgery is really what she wanted, and she was grateful to have the time she had with him, and that she loves him. He realizes he may have ruined the future of humanity for his own selfish perspective, and then it goes to credits.

HarryMasonHerpderp1952d ago

The part with the doctor was really the point where Naughty Dog put their foot down and said this is OUR story. I didn't want to kill the doctor either but if I didn't then it would of contradicted the story. Joel becomes a man possessed towards the end and it's this transformation that tells us that we/Joel have become the bad guy. An that is what I loved about the ending. Nothing cliche about it.

GribbleGrunger1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I'm so glad you had nothing to do with this game. Those ending are terrible to say the least. It's clear that you've never constructed a narrative or created a character in your life. That's Walt Disney level of exposition you're describing there. No thanks.

NewMonday1952d ago

this wouldn't be the same game or same story or the same characters if we could change things, games like Mass Effect and the Witcher have their place and games like FF7 Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear have theirs

legionsoup1952d ago

This isn't what you would do. This is what Joel would do.

Did you even read the article? It talks about how Ellie might not have even been the cure and he saved her from a meaningless death.

CommonSense1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I did read it, doesn't make it a good ending. The ending sucked. and it was obvious.

I said that I wouldn't have minded a linear ending if it wasn't stupid.

You people are just embarrassingly up the ass of ND. It's been going on sine UC1. Sony fanboys are such a joke.

bsquwhere1952d ago

Wow and he shows his true colors. You tried to criticize the game by offering your own opinion, which is fine, but I bet there's a reason your not a writer. Then when people tell you your ideas are bad...and they blow up and call us Sony fanboys. You also complained about uncharted. I have a feeling you've never even played any Naughty Dog game.

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ShugaCane1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"Also what would've really been EPIC is if after Joel rescued Ellie from the Hospital that pictures of his Daughters Face popped up on the screen."

Sorry, I think that would have been cheesy and cliché as hell. Just my opinion, though.

Perfect ending the way it is. ND avoided every stereotype possible and gave a good thinking on human nature.

Ashunderfire861952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )


I think because of the death of Joel's daughter,he look at Ellie as his daughter. He didn't want Ellie to die like his daughter did, so he saved her. Another young girl dying is too much for him to deal with, so he turn on the Fireflies. I digress.

What I like about The Last of Us, is the antagonists are not really bad for the sake of being bad, they trying to survive like everyone else. If you think about it, they are not bad at all, especially the Fireflies that just wanted to cure the world. What Joel did some may question, but to lose someone that you look as your daughter, that is too much to lose again. It is a hard decision that you may regret.

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Number-Nine1953d ago

"you expect joel to take the high road"

not really lol. i expected joel to save ellie.

geekspodcast1952d ago

LoL, I suppose I did too. Thanks for reading the article though, I truly appreciate it :)

I meant that generally the stereotype in a lot of games and movies of this nature is that the hero makes some grand sacrifice. In this case, Ellie perhaps for the good of mankind. But, good on ND for not falling into cliches and telling a very memorable story with their handling of this point.

die_fiend1952d ago

This ending doesn't need explaining at all....
There's nothing complex to misinterpret. Any surely we don't need to be told why its brilliant

xPhearR3dx1952d ago

I think most people were upset (or frustrated) because they wanted to see more. Myself included. The whole damn game/story was so good I didn't want it to end. That and we all know it's going to be quite some time before we see another game, even if it doesn't include Joel or Ellie.

die_fiend1952d ago

I think most people weren't either upset or frustrated. U seen the reviews? It's ridiculous that you need people to spell out exactly what's going to happen, they're leaving it kind of open ended. Clearly you're the type to need to be explicitly told something, otherwise you become upset or frustrated. How did you feel at the end of Bioshock Infinite? Reduced to tears?

Dunpeal1952d ago

yeah but the interwebs loves to overanalyze EVERYTHING

CommonSense1952d ago

If you need THAT ending explained, then it's no wonder you'd think it's "brilliant."

It wasn't an upsetting ending, or disappointing (in fact, the game dragged on and on), it was just completely straight forward.

bsquwhere1952d ago

Stop trolling u asshat. U didn't even play the game. I just checked out your comments and your all over bashing Sony , Sony fans and any game that's not on Xbox. If you hate all things Sony I doubt you played this at all.

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