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Rogue Legacy is a side scrolling Rogue like action RPG with a few platforming elements. The main objective is to kill the final boss who is available after killing the 4 bosses located in the tower, castle, dungeon, forest. The game is skill based with progressive elements included.

The majority of the game plays like an old school adventure in 2 dimensions. You are equipped with a sword and move around different rooms of varying size and monsters. Clearing or running away from each to make your way to the final boss. This includes running, swordplay, using magic abilities and most of all jumping. The gameplay feel both energetic and tense with an uneasy feeling of doom lying ahead in the next room only to kill your honorable knight that you have grown fond of the in the first few minutes of gameplay, making his death more meaningful and enraging only to be avenged by his kin.

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