Cage: PS4 a “Fantastic Hardware” with “Incredibly Realistic Graphics” enables “Totally New Features”

Quantic Dream’s David Cage knows the PS4 quite well, well enough to be at the helm of a creation of the impressive “The Dark Sorcerer“ tech demo, that turned quite a few heads at E3, and today he expressed what he thinks about the upcoming machine.

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allformats1927d ago

And so I'm looking forward to it.

Already preordered my bundled machine with Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4 and PS Plus. Gaming heaven I reckon.

Abriael1927d ago

No Killzone for me, th franchise tends to drop in price pretty steeply soon after launch for some reason so i'll wait. I got Watch_Dogs and Knack so far.

Killzoner991927d ago Show
Abriael1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

@Killzoner99: Supporting Sony?

I'm not a fanboy. I support myself. Why should I think about "supporting" a corporation that doesn't even know I xist? It's good enough that I don't buy used.

I_am_Batman1926d ago

@Killzoner: So are you pro DRM then?

zebramocha1926d ago

@killzone & abriel your both wrong,if the games is purchased at a reduce cost they still get the money,if no one buys the game new either full price or some kind of bundle then that company can't produce any more games.

HammadTheBeast1926d ago


Lacking? GT5 sold 10.45 million. UC3 5.49 million. Heavy Rain even 2.45 million.

bjmartynhak1926d ago

Honestly, I don't know how it works when you buy the game late in the retail. Is it just a game that the retail already paid the publisher/developer? Or would it works more like consignment?

NewMonday1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I don't agree with the Killzoner99 comment but flagging him for trolling is silly, it was just an opinion.

games need to prove themselves worth the full $60, were not in a charity, if Abriael gets more hyped or the price doesn't fall he may get it at full price or never, it's all a matter of preference.

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abzdine1927d ago

so in other words all their future games will be PS4 exclusives.

LaChance1926d ago

Cage: PS4 a “Fantastic Hardware” with “Incredibly Realistic Graphics” enables “Totally New Features”

From a guy paid by Sony, just for info.

I_am_Batman1926d ago

As far as I know Quantic Dream isn't owned by Sony. Can you imagine that he is just excited to work on a new platform. It's not like he is throwing empty words around. Everything he said sounds reasonable.

piroh1926d ago

it´s not only from this guy, pretty every developer praises PS4 even console-haters like Crytek, just for info

Abriael1926d ago

Quantic Dream isn't owned by Sony. It's actually not even a second party studio AFAIK

GameSpawn1926d ago

They're Third Party. However you can consider them Second Party as their last two games (Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls) are exclusive to the PS3 and Cage hasn't shown any indication of production for other platforms beyond the PlayStation platform.

Quantic Dream is in no way owned by Sony or anyone else for that matter. They are an independent company that provides motion capture services to the game and film industry. Their games have just been offshoots to promote their motion capture technology - granted their games have also done much to redefine or create entirely new genres of games.

greenlantern28141926d ago

but all the devs paid by ms that talk up the cloud should be believed.
and sony doesn't own quantic dream

MRMagoo1231926d ago

mark LAchance as troll and carry on guys its that easy, if you do it to all the xbone fanboys they wont have any bubbles to talk with, then all we will be left with is the decent ones.

Every dev will be happy about the ps4 it was made by devs.

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RavageX1926d ago

Killzoner is speaking nonsense. I buy games to play them for my entertainment, not to support a company. Me spending $60 on a game I can get a short time later for $30 or $40 is just stupid.

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BlueDodger3231927d ago

PS4. ok where is my 60fps and 1080p resolution ? oh i can only choose one? Next gen my ***

Abriael1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

you forgot to mention "In games that are in unoptimized pre-alpha state and about 30% of their development"

It tends to be a rather relevant element, unless you're intentionally trying to be disingenuous of course.

BlueDodger3231927d ago

Killzone shadowfall 1080p locked at 30frames. Only game I heard of that has both is Forza 5 1080p & 60fps. Boom Top LULS

Abriael1926d ago

@BlueDodger323: yeah because a single game (not even completed) speaks for the whole console rite?

Yeah, you're being disingenuous.

piroh1926d ago

GT5 1080p 60fps. enough said

thechosenone1926d ago

Foza: no real time weather effects, no day/night modes, baked lighting. In order to achieve that 60/1080p it had to sacrifice a lot.

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Smoovekid1927d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Most racing games are 60 fps not impressive and you can't compare a fps to a racing game. Is ryse 1080p 60fps?

BlueDodger3231926d ago

idk if you're throwing that X1 exclusive at me because you think im a fanboy or because you're a fanboy ?

Smoovekid1926d ago

@BlueDodger323 You mentioned forza running running at 1080p 60fps which is not impressive because it is a racing game.

Tyre1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

If i'm not mistaken Gran Turismo & Wipeout on PS3 has been 1080p 60fps since ages and Rage has been 60fps 1080p on both current systems. So what's the big deal with 60fps & 1080p? This is not what makes Next-Gen graphical quality different....Physics/A.I./no loadtimes/no more low-resolution textures or pop-ins what so ever/incredible view distances/complex particle systems/more complex realitistic lightening/incredible detailed characters/complex facial animations/no more jagged edges/better anti-aliasing etc.etc Give me 30fps 1080p/720p with all these features and more and i can tell the difference between this gen and NextGen immediately. Watch the behind the scenes of the Dark Sorcerer and you will see that IT IS ALL IN REALTIME on PS4! Incredible! Definitely worthy of being called close to CGI quality and certainly not possible on current gen, forget 60fps...all CGI movies in the cinema are 24fps, do we mind? It's still F'ing incredible!

windblowsagain1926d ago

You know what i find interesting about that statement.

FORZA has higher rez, Higher textures - No Dynamic weather,lighting.

As for Titanfall. Uses Source engine which would run on any pc rig at stupid fps at any rez.

Not saying they are bad games, but i haven't seen a MS game that pushes boundaries.

MizTv1926d ago

Source is so damn old

despair1926d ago

Amazing how people keep talking about 60fps and 1080p as the only standards for Next gen, its not even at launch and people are complaining. There are more to next gen than just resolution and frames per second.

Salooh1926d ago

First of all ps4 can run all pc games on 60fps and 1080p.

The games we saw are early games. Most of them didn't announce what they will use. It's obvious that they can run on these settings but it's developers choice..

Ps4 games are not normal games . They are going for another level . That's why it's called next generation. So even if it can't do it at least we will get new level of gaming..

Salooh1926d ago

Battlefield 3 is one of the biggest games in pc , right ?.

BF4 at least 2 times better then BF3 pc version. And i'm 100% sure that it doesn't use all of the ps4 power. I even think it's less then 50%..

I_am_Batman1926d ago

We could have hardware 10 times more powerful than the PS4 and devs could still decide to push for visual fidelity instead of performance. I can play Pacman at 4k and 100 fps - Does it make it next gen?

HammadTheBeast1926d ago

Even Wipeout HD on PS3 could do 1080p 60 FPS so Forza's thing is nothing special. Also, I saw Titanfall running at 720 p so GG.

MRMagoo1231926d ago

how bad is titanfall , i didnt realise till i saw the direct feed screens lol , i thought it was meant to be some xbone graphic powerhouse it looks more like a 360 average cod with mechs.

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MysticStrummer1927d ago

I'd like to hear Cage comment on how much easier it was to make The Dark Sorcerer as compared to The Casting, since each was the first tech demo on it's respective Playstation.

first1NFANTRY1926d ago

I agree I'd also like to know how long it took them to create It considering the ps4 is much easier to develop for. This will determine how regular we'll get exclusives, multiplayer and deferent genres

DJMarty1926d ago

About time Sony snapped up Quantic Dream

BlueDodger3231926d ago

@abriael You know as much as I know... NOTHING. I'm pretty positive you work for one of these companies, you know "SO MUCH".

Hicken1926d ago

And yet you're talking like you know SO MUCH.

How's that work? You just admitted your ignorance, but you're also acting as if you know it all?

BlueDodger3231926d ago

I'll use my last bubble on you <3......


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