CoD: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4: All quiet on the FPS front

GameZone writes, "With all focus on the console war between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it's easy to forget about another battle on the first-person shooter front. Call of Duty: Ghosts versus Battlefield 4. The two blockbuster shooters are back, taking the fight to next-gen consoles."

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ATi_Elite1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

OMG They both will sell very very well!

COD:G = it's usual 20m+
BF4 = 15m

No fan of COD since it's gone totally CASUAL but I will purchase BF4 on the CHEAP.

Meanwhile I'm already enjoying Arma 3 which isn't even finished yet and is totally a BEAST.

BattleAxe1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I think I'll be doing the same thing as you, and I'll probably end up waiting until Origin has a deal on BF4: Premium Edition . I just bought BF3 Premium Edition around a month ago for $15.00 on Origin, which included all of the expansion packs.

I have a feeling that EA is going to go off the deep end with micro-transactions and DLC with BF4, so it's best just to wait....if you have the patience that is...

I've skipped the last few Call of Duty games, so I might check Call of Duty: Ghosts out once more details are available. I'm really interested in Titanfall, but if it's only going to be available on GFWL, then I probably won't bother.

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Allsystemgamer1929d ago

Arma 3 is fing awesome in beta. I'm so glad I bought it. And Atleast it runs better than 2 XD

On a side note why purchase bf4 cheap? It's looking incredible. ARMA for sim gameplay and bf for a more lite version.

Cod is just an arcade game.

ATi_Elite1928d ago

I got BF3 pretty cheap!

I not gonna wait a long time but I know somehow some way BF4 PC will be offered pretty cheap right after release.

I'm not doing the $60 day one buy or 450 pre- order. I'm waiting for a $40 price tag with some free DLC like how I got BF3 day 1!

jjb19811929d ago

Still loving and playing battlefield 3. I'd rather listen to battlefield 3's background sound for an hour than play COD for for an hour. DICE is the better development team and frostbite 3 is going to prove that!

ProjectSeoul1929d ago

I'm going to get CoD: Ghost because of the amazing A.I fish... No, not really, actually going to get BF4

59fifty1929d ago

like i said. BF4 will take my future ps4's virginity.

brich2331929d ago

After watching that building fall, compared to the fishes. which one would you choose"? Fishes that move, or buildings that collapse? Should be an easy pick.

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The story is too old to be commented.