5 Best Things That Could Happen At Gamescom

Gamescom is the joint-second-best gaming event in the world at the moment, guys. With next generation looming over the gaming world, anticipation for this event is even higher than usual. So what could we see in August? Probably things like this…

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Thepharaoh1930d ago

Funny list.
The greatest that could happen would be if during Microsoft presentation bill gates comes out of nowhere to announce he has the most stock in Microsoft once again and he decides to cancel the Xbox one and he completely changes what the next Xbox is supposed to be.He says that he will put real quality business men with the Xbox and he invests all the assets available for the gaming division for games. No kinect garbage no TV junk no sports garbage just following the Sony strategy and releasing games

Blachek1930d ago

The list is outrageous... I would have liked to see something a little more realistic. There is an opportunity for somebody to make a good list. Maybe I'll edit this later with my own.

Fireseed1930d ago

Cause that's what the game industry needs. Homogeneity.

Thepharaoh1930d ago

I'd much prefer Microsoft to go the similar way than the way their currently going.besides as a gaming division they should be just like SCE dedicated to their game developing and marketing with this television stuff afterwards

Fireseed1930d ago

TV Studio department is completely seperate from the game department, but I do agree not enough effort is spent on making and advertising games. I mean Killer Instinct and the rest from E3 are the first new games we've seen in a while. Which is the cause of my one and only knock on the Kinect... I trust that it's gonna be a big step in game experiences... but we don't have a game yet to prove that. You'd think that with all their pushing of it, they'd have made a first party title that utilizes it in a hardcore manner. But nope.

At the same time I'm kinda glad they didn't force a studio to make a game on the basis it had to use Kinect. Would've come off as just that. Forced.

No Way1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I don't see why it bothers people that they advertise other than gaming.
I feel MS thinks\knows people know that an xBox is a 'gaming console.'
So, if going by that, maybe they want people to know the other features..
They advertise the 'new,' less known about, features; and sprinkle games.

warewolfSS1930d ago

On accident I agreed with this rediculous, fanboy garbage of a comment.

edgeofsins1929d ago

I agree with anyone that isn't Steve Ballmer.

B-radical1929d ago

Lol id be happy enough with them announcing kinnect isnt needed then i could cancel my current xone order and get the xone on its own for cheaper

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Timesplitter141930d ago

A console by EA, Ubi and Activision would literally be the most boring and bland thing ever made

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MRMagoo1231929d ago

I think if EA UBI snd Activision made a console it would be a clone copy of the xbone before the DRM was removed.

Roper3161930d ago

" Sony comes out and tells us all they really like television"

There is one thing that some people I believe have over looked when it comes to the PS4 and it's entertainment features.

Sony owns movie studios, TV studios & publishes a ton of top music artists under their label. So Sony is in a great position to get all kinds of exclusive content via those holdings.

All Sony TV shows have content tied into with the SEN & PS4.

All published records have exclusive content from the artist as part of the publishing deal.

All Sony produced movies have exclusive content for the SEN & PS4.

Sony's movie/TV studios make exclusive shows/ episodic content for the SEN.

There is all kinds of stuff Sony can do internally on that front like they do with their first party game studios.

MS has no choice but to negotiate and spend big money with 3rd parties to do this while Sony has the internal workings to do it. So I see Sony with the advantage even in this aspect but they just aren't really promoting it yet because that is not what the early adopters of a console want to hear.

Just a thought on the matter

blanket141929d ago

well said sir bub for you!!!!

malokevi1929d ago

Very true. Cant count how many times I've seen the Sony logo before a movie.

However, you can take your statement and supplement the words cloud and Microsoft.

MS has the infrastructure to support amazing gaming application.

So what matters more, TV, or gaming?



airshiraz1930d ago

all i need is :
mirrors edge 2 release date
new game of naughty dog

adventureghost1241930d ago

I hope this article is joking because that was the most absolutely outrageous and stupid list I have ever read? Playstation TV?
All of the worst Video Game Companies create their own console?
These are like the worst things that could happen

ZodTheRipper1929d ago

No it's no joke, a game console from third parties is very likely /s

rpd1231929d ago

> Implying Ubisoft and Activision don't make some awesome games.

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