Gaming in Color

Always wanted something else than a shiny white Xbox360 or black PS3? Xboxkings found a company that brings a whole new experience to gaming! Colorware, they change everything in the colors you want!

Check out the cool colors for your Xbox360 on Xboxkings! They even change your Nintendo Wii, DS, PSP, PS3 etc.

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mithril3876d ago

I like the colors, with three small red light ahead this will be perfect;)

Ru3876d ago

ColorWare has been around for some time and we have had articles on N4G about them before... Still I approve of this news story because not everyone knows about them or how professional of a job they do on consoles!

Tempist3876d ago

Eh... even still, it's not really so much of a review so much as it is a plug.

butterfinger3876d ago

they should also know that it is very expensive to have this done and you will be without your console for up to a month. Just to forewarn anyone that is interested. On the plus side, you can make your PS3/360/Wii/Laptop/HDTV/Guitar Hero controller/DS/PSP any color you want and probably be the only one in your group of friends to have it:P

MikeGdaGod3876d ago

i think you could just buy directly from them so you don't have to wait as long. i've been debating whether to buy a second home console and i just been trying to hold out for another price drop.

i kinda want a 360 but i definately wouldn't customize it with all the hardware issues it already has. and i would get a second ps3 but i wonder if the price will drop again soon.

decisions, decisions...............

LevDog3876d ago

I like the Ps3 guys that change the color for like 80 bucks..they do any color or design.. I forget the site.. but the bad part is it viods your warrenty.. but Ps3 dont break so that really isnt a prob.. When my warrentys up. Im going Metallic Red with matching controllers

Citizen Cook3876d ago

They have no elegance. No style.


t-0_ot-3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

At least their doing something constructive.. What are you doing with you life.. Oh, that's right, you are just trolling a site trying to justify your purchase on a console and trying to prove that you didn't waste your money by telling EVERYONE else how great your said console is.. Sad.


EDF 20173876d ago

Bubble for you t-0 ot-! So true, So true!

CaliGamer3876d ago

You really flew off the handle there man, while I do agree that Citizen Cook is an idiot, he is entitled to his opinion. The way you reacted you would think he called your mom a slut or something.

Do you work for this company or somethin? I'm just sayin.....

t-0_ot-3876d ago

CaliGamer - hehe, nope.. just having fun. =]
And, I'm also entitled to my opinion, which what I said about him.. is, well.. my opinion. =D

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DailyAddict3876d ago

Yea these guys have been around for a bit. My company actually used them recently to do a full business products with our logos on it and name and such. Very top quality job. Would definitely recommend these guys. It's not bad either if you're looking to do a gift for someone. Just buy your unit straight from them, have them customize it and mail it off to you.

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The story is too old to be commented.