Rock Band UK Price Set?

Gamers been wondering how much Rock Band is going to cost in the UK, many believe that it'll be over £100, although EA has made no official announcement about a price point.

But an online shop called believes that the complete Game, which includes Fender Stratocaster Guitar/ Drum + Sticks Controllers & Microphone, will cost £158.61 Inc VAT. That's what they've got listed.

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PirateThom4245d ago

Haahahahaha, good luck with that EA.

Ghoul4240d ago


seriously ea go f***k yourself im sick of that company

ChronicOsmosis4245d ago

Well i wont be getting it if its that much. how much is it in the states? cause i don't believe its 300 dollars. Rip off britain!!! could buy another 360 for that.

bumnut4245d ago

i will buy gta 4, ninja gaiden 2, fallout 3 & battlefield bad company for the same price as rockband.

This will not sell well, it costs the same as the 360 console with 1 game.

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The story is too old to be commented.