GTA 5 New Character Discovered

NowGamer: GTA 5 will have a character known as 'Mariachi'. But who is he?

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TrevorPhillips1926d ago

A fourth character?! Wow, this is going to be exciting! :O

September 17th!

Despair6661926d ago

Its just a new npc...not a playable character

TrevorPhillips1926d ago

Never know bro, there is still more reveal that R* hasn't shown also, the demo that the journalists play was early build

DoomeDx1926d ago

^ You have no idea of how game development works.. They cant just ''add'' a new character in. It requires lots of work, lots of story changes, lots of techinical adjustments, etc etc.

Trust me, that 3 character thing has been decided and discussed from the get go during the development

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Agent_hitman1926d ago

New info about GTV:

You can switch characters/protagonist in real time

You can lose the heat by luring the gangs all over the los santos

Shane Kim1926d ago

I just hope it ain't antonio banderas :P

Stoppokingme1926d ago

This Mariachi, it sounds an awful lot like Moriarty.

We all know R* like to make pop culture references, maybe this character could be one of the antagonists.

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