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GR-UK writes: "There's a lot of positives here. Fist Puncher is fun, silly, and full of character. It's also a bit of a one-trick pony (or should that be robo-unicorn?!), and when it does try to deviate away from what it does best, that being punching people repeatedly and often, it's these moments of variety that are often the lulls. Perhaps it would've been a better game if they had just stuck to the core elements, rather than trying too hard to make it something that it isn't. Playing with a friend (or three, if you can squeeze them around the monitor) significantly ups the level of enjoyment, which makes the omission of online multiplayer all the more frustrating. If you have got someone to play with close at hand, you should add a point to the score. Playing solo is simply not as fun. Having said that, if you think back to games like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, and the faint hint of a nostalgic smile crosses your lips, Fist Puncher is well worth a few hours of your time."

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