Dead Rising 3: "This Is A Horror Game First, Comedy Game Second"

Executive producer Josh Bridge talks about the darker tone Dead Rising 3 and says the move to horror over comedy is 'intentional'.

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Saints941932d ago

The comedy made it unique... Now it's going to be a copy of other games and a air strike. I want to be able to dress as megaman and run over zombies with a tricycle D:<

Kanzes1932d ago

If you see the extended footage, it still funny, you can wear a shark suit in the middle of apocalypse :)

Army_of_Darkness1932d ago

What was scary about it to begin with??

cleft51932d ago

Yeah the comedy was the main redeeming factor for a lot of people who liked Dead Rising. Sad too see that change but maybe it will be for the best.

Urusernamesucks1932d ago

Comedy kinda Killed the Suspense for me. I couldn't take the game serious that way.

fsfsxii1932d ago

Thats what made "Dead Rising" Dead Rising

Cmk01211932d ago

true for sure, still a turn off to some because the zombies were just there and not much of a real threat or scary. just something to easily crush and move on.

DonFreezer1932d ago

I have a feeling that if this was a ps4 exclusive you would welcome the horror elements easier ps fanboys.

Omegabalmung1932d ago

There's a horror element in this game? I thought it was going after the CoD crowd?

MysticStrummer1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I welcome the horror elements. It's the comedy that ruins DR for me.

Mr_Nuts1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Oh for the love of god stop making it about fanboys, the game is going away with what made it unique and fun

I mean it's supposed to be a horror game, where your alone in the Zombie apocalypse but he calls in an air strike....REALLY.

Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Dead Space, dmc etc...all games that we complained about because they moved away from what made them so special. What platform it's on has nothing to do with it.

When a game moves away from what it was once like it usualy sucks...history has taught us that.


@Mr Nuts

I am personally glad to hear this least now there is an option to play this game seriously or just bullshit around. The old way is what turned me off from the game, it was fun for a little while but just became to silly, and I began to wonder why I was playing it.

At least with this new way, I could beat the game (seriously), then come back on my second go around and have fun with it. How could anyone be opposed to that?

nick3091932d ago

I personally really liked the gameplay.

warewolfSS1932d ago

Me. Nuts your a fanboy to the fullest. So atop

Mr_Nuts1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


How...please explain to me how


Are you just saying that because thats what most trolls do on here when they are p***** over someones comment, can't think of anything witty to say so go straight to the "Your a fanboy" phrase even though it's not true.

Find it hilarious though that you say that when most of your comments are always towards anything Sony related. Why is it the only thing Xbox fanboys can say is that "Your a fanboy" saying when they are themselfs are you projecting your own flaws onto other people so you look like you have a counter argument or something.

Lets not forget most of you have only joined not too long ago, roughly when E3 was or the Xbox reveal.

DonFreezer1932d ago

Stop it.Just go to youtube and look at the dislikes.Every one of the Xbox One games has been disliked to death because of stupid fanboys.

Urusernamesucks1931d ago

Actualy one of the devs Already explained that In an interview. He said that the main character has a buddy over at a military command center, and its interesting because the way you would contact him would be Through real life in your phone and ask him for some assist. Of course this is an ai not a real person.

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Cmk01211932d ago

i like the horror aspect, i didnt play dead rising because of that, the zombies were more so a interactive nuisance than an enemy in the game. hopefully that changes this go round. i understand why fans of the series are mad though, dead space changes its theme on the 3rd game and it sucked, gears of war judgement changed its style and it was one of the worst of the series etc...

BlueDodger3231932d ago

Timed Exclusive. <-- Fanboyism or Truth

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