Haze: PS3 Attitude's hands-on with co-op mode

Along with a select few, PS3 Attitude were lucky enough last month to be invited up to the PlayStation 3 Rooms to get hands-on with Haze.

On display for our thumb-twiddling pleasure were the co-op and multi-player modes. We're sworn to secrecy about the multi-player experience right now, but today we can reveal more about Haze co-op play.

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Fishy Fingers3849d ago

Co-op could be this games saving grace as far as I'm concerned. Me and my FPS buddies have been craving for a good 4 player co-op.

Now I know Halo offered this, and rest assured me and my friends to much advantage of it, but only allowing the host (or 1 player) to be the Chief? That kind of pi**ed us off some what. 4 chiefs, and we'd probably still be playing it :(

DolphGB3849d ago

What's nice about the co-op play is it has a purpose too... think 'episodic stories' rather than just a multi-player game with fewer players...

The MP mode is awesome though... but we can't talk about it yet! ;-)

Bigrhyno3849d ago

That will be the deciding point on whether or not I buy the game.

games4fun3849d ago

please tell me is there a run button in sp or mp i would like to know

DolphGB3849d ago

You don't need a run button in Haze since your movement changes dependent on the pressure applied to the stick, and so it's not there.

There are plenty of other cool ideas included that make much better use of the other buttons, such as the ability to play dead if you're a Rebel.

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ravinash3849d ago

This game lost my interest a long time ago.....until now.
May have to have a closer look at it again when it comes out.

kwicksandz3849d ago

DO you people not remember the greatness of perfect dark 64 co op???

Combine that with updated graphics and online play and you have haze my friends. i dont even own a ps3 but i like the sound of this game.

xc7x3849d ago

i been on the fence with it but since more info has come out i'm ready to get it

trancefreak3849d ago

This game is looking sick another delay would piss me off hehe

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The story is too old to be commented.