Tetsuya Nomura Would Like Voice Recognition With Kinect and PlayStation Camera in Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III Game Director Tetsuya Nomura seems to be definitely interested in the new features coming with the Xbox One and the PS4 thanks to Kinect and to the PlayStation Camera, and his personal favorite seems to be voice recognition.

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nick3092023d ago

Voice recognition is never accurate so i could care less

Abriael2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Well, we don't really know that yet. There definitely are implementation of voice recognition that are accurate, but they're normally not used for gaming because of the cost. We still have to see how accurate it'll be on Kinect/PS Camera

Lannister2023d ago

To me, any voice recognition that is not on the level of Tony Stark/JARVIS is a waste of time.

Wake me up when we've achieved that level.

Snookies122023d ago

*couldn't care less* Sorry, not trying to down you or anything. I can honestly say I've made that mistake at times as well. :]

Though I really can't see how voice recognition would be beneficial in a Kingdom Hearts game... Not sure what good it would do. Unless you can yell out "cure" or something in the middle of battle to use it. Then again though, a friend could be beside you and totally screw you over if that were the case. As long as the voice commands aren't integral to the experience, I don't mind it being there.

Abriael2023d ago

The cure request is actually a quite good idea, I didn't think about it, but voice could indeed be a good idea for emergency commands.

nick3092023d ago

That sound's better that you mention it.

SinaMK2023d ago

another thing could possibly even be commanding teammates on whether to take an offensive or defensive form while fighting and also telling them to come assist when in a pinch you with the enemy you're targeting if there's a large number of enemies in the area. probably just thinking about it too much but that'd definitely be sweet :D

Urusernamesucks2023d ago

Kinects vr is very accurate. If it can Distinguish your voice from a crowd ...

RedHawkX2023d ago

do not add stupid voice and hand waveing crap please. no one wants that bs gimmick.

Mystogan2023d ago

Kinect 2 voice recognition is pretty darn accurate. It can hear you even when playing loud music. And it's using data from the Bing platform, Making it even more accurate.

TheLyonKing2023d ago

i am very worried about this game he also stated he would like to use the marvel universe aswell.

Stick to the same formula and tweak it like you did with kh2 which was amazing.

I feel this voice thing is very gimmiky and sony fans will have to buy the camera ontop of the console which I wasn't planning on doing. lets just hope its an optional and not manditory.

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Ol_G2023d ago

so they gonna fuck up the kingdom hearts series with gimmicky functions my hopes for this game already dropped

Abriael2023d ago

Yep, it's definitely going to "fuck up" the game. You got it right mate :D

iMaim2023d ago

I don't see how voice commands would ruin a game, chill out. Mass Effect 3 used the Kinect to control teammates but it was still entirely possible with just the D-Pad.

dennett3162023d ago

Since when does voice recognition need a damn camera? So the main justification for a camera is the microphone? Really? Any microphone would do the exact same job. The Playstation camera at least serves some purpose with it's tracking of the Move....but Kinect is almost entirely worthless for gaming, except for the microphone. And even that isn't as accurate or fast as simply pressing a button for a command.
What a massive waste of time and money Kinect is. The Playstation camera isn't far behind, but at least you have some controls with that particular set up.

Mystogan2023d ago

have you even seen the Kinect 2 videos? That shit is pretty darn close to Jarvis level.

Agent_hitman2023d ago

lol voice recognition for an RPG?.. really?.. I could care less cause mos of the RPG lovers play RPG only using gamepad not voice lol..

thecurseddevil2023d ago

if creative directors of video games were to take fanboys' opinons seriously,
we would have absolutely zero change/innovation in gaming industry.

seriously let it release and then bash it if it doesn't work out.

naiyo2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

If you think about it, we don't have any "new" innovation in games right now. Just updated graphics. The new KZ has nothing new about it and Infamous, too. Innovation with high budget games stop at analogs with ps1.

jimmywolf2023d ago

Infamous did try how many open world super power games were their before it? prototype was been made around same time so that 2 total

also Infamous two tried too add custom mission that player could make

Jaqen_Hghar2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Have you seen new KZ? Its combat is so much more open and gadgetized. It looks like a completely different game than the last 3. A man doesn't see how you can call it zero innovation after watching the E3 forrest demo. Also Infamous will have new powers, new city, new protagonist, and new story. It's a reboot basically. If a man wanted a game that didn't play like KZ or Infamous at ALL a man would get a new IP that's what they're for. Sequels are for refinement and improvement on the previous game with additions to the formula and weeding out bad previous concepts. Also a little special sauce like adding gadgets or changing from electricity to smoke. Mario advertised a cat suit and everyone says that's fine for its innovation. Sonic still runs fast but a man is still pumped for Lost World.

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