Alone in the Dark for June 20 in Europe and June 24 in US


'Speaking to videogaming247, Atari has just confirmed that Alone in the Dark will hit Europe on June 20 in Europe and June 24 in the US.

The game has been put back from May to ensure the game's as good as it can be.

"The game has been delayed to allow Eden Games - obviously, they're an Atari-owned studio - to polish the game to an even higher standard. Wwe want to ddeliver the best possible experience to gamer, because we have a remarkable product.

"We've been getting an incredible response from the people that have seen it in demos. We'll soon be supplying code to the market."'

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FCOLitsjustagame4248d ago

Not sure about this one anymore. Last year it was on my buy list but now its just on my wait and see list. Maybe the yeat delay was to make it better but now its up against better competition too so we will see.

hazeblaze4248d ago

This game is likely to only sell on the 360... The majority of PS3'ers would have purchased GTA IV in April and then MGS4 in June... I'm picking up Haze as well... so this one will probably pass by w/o a purchase for me.

Storm234248d ago

I am still very excited for this game. I hope this can help bring Atari back. Can't wait to try it.

green4248d ago

Definately getting this.A few extra days wait is okay.

ravinash4248d ago

I'll be waiting for it to come out.... I do think it looks like a great game, Just too much to play and so little time now. :-(

Nice Picture by the way.

Strife Lives4248d ago

Then, it came across as everything being heavily scripted,and Im not a fan of that.the A.I is also not up to scratch.but, the bit that took me over the edge from must buy to maybe,was when they keep talking about the physics,and everythng breaks apart, and when they toppled the table over, it looks like 5 pieces of wood chunks are glued together to make the surface lol and if u shoot anywhere on it,the chunk thats 'glued' there breaks apart exactly at the 'glued' points lol,I mean,bragging about scripted physics like that is lame

George Washington4248d ago

this games gonna be wierd. they said it was gonna be episodic but then are we gonna have to pay 10$ for each episode? and wait even more time for the rest of the levels?

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