Sony confirms existing Move controllers will work with the PS4

Shuhei Yoshida,President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed the compatibility of the existing Move controllers with the PS4.

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nick3091930d ago

Wasnt this confirmed before ? I saw an article in february

abzdine1930d ago

it was confirmed at the Feb 20th reveal, but when websites want to get some clicks they pull old stuff and update the dates.

Remember this?

mewhy321930d ago

You'd never see micro$oft doing something like this. LOL They want to sell you all new stuff every time. This is yet another example of how Sony understands the gamer's market much better than micro$oft. Go Sony!!!!!

Elimin81930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

LMAO! @ abzdine.... Funny sh!t.

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bjmartynhak1930d ago

I didn't pay attention at the time. Nice one, but I rarely use mine anyway.

Sitdown1930d ago

Apparently I didn't either, but good to know... and glad they will be compatible.

DarkBlood1930d ago

nice, maybe my psmove will get some used i only ever tried it out with re5 as far as i remeber thinking it would be like re4 wii edition and it just didnt stick with me so i went back to the dualshock3 with great relief i might say.

hopfully its more smooth with ps4 games if its easy enough that is

ArchangelMike1930d ago

well seeing as the DS4 has a light bar on it, I'm not sure devs will go the extra mile for the PS Move. I mean, they didn't in this generation, why should they bother next gen?

mcstorm1930d ago

The other issue you have is the PS eye is not sold with every PS4 console so even less developers will look at move or even the DS4 light bar. This is one advantage the WiiU and Xbox one have over the PS4 in terms of motion control. But that said im sure the 1st party games will use it in some cool ways.

TimeSkipLuffy1930d ago

@mcstorm I actually think it is an advantage. Since it is really optional the chance it is mandatory for games is almost 99% while the others... since it comes with the console, the chance they force motion control is higher.
And after playing Wii and Kinect... I'm have to say I'd rather stick to a controller :3
But, of course, that is my choice and preference.

andibandit1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )


As a developer you arent interested in spending ressources on something that only 25% of your target audience can use.

As soon as that number starts going below 100%, it becomes a "Nice to have feature" and gets cut away if deadlines are getting hard to meet.
OR it gets tacked on to the product just so publishers can slap a "Works with Kinect/PSMove" tag on it.

mcstorm1930d ago

@NightmareLuffy I have to disagree it is not an Advantage. Move is a really good device but was over looked by most of the 3rd party's this gen and it will be next to.

Hicken1930d ago

Even with it being a mandatory part of the console, that doesn't mean developers want to spend any extra time and money making concessions for it. They could just as easily tack some stuff on with the mandatory Kinect as the optional PS4Eye.

In the end, it boils down to whether or not they WANT to use the device.

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CrossingEden1930d ago

and suddenly motion capture gaming is good even though i've seen YOU specifically complaining about how motion controls are gimmicks -_-

slazer1011930d ago

Good to know Sony is not going to nickle and dime us with proprietary peripherals.

I would like to know if the PSeye for PS3 will also work for the PS4. In theory it should being it works with usb. But I guess they would have to include the drivers for it.

DJMarty1930d ago

@slazer101 - The new PS4 camera runs off a dedicated port, so it don't use the USB's. Hence why the PS3 camera, I believe won't work on PS4.

slazer1011930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Yeah I know that the PS4 camera is proprietary. Just wondering because the PS4 has USB ports also. One can hope right. Lol

Nawert1930d ago

Sony just add an analog stick to the main Move controller and I will love you!

wsoutlaw871930d ago

That was really the only thing bad about the move. You cant use 2 moves in sword or boxing games and still walk around.

Nawert1930d ago

Thank you for agreeing. Would make for much easier gameplay in games.

dodo1011930d ago

Nice i just bought the sharpshooter works great with KZ3!
I hope KZ shadowfall support it 2.
It just takes a little time to get used to it.

bjmartynhak1930d ago

Yeah! It was my only use for the move.
I just had to use a support for my left arm (the chair turned around)

animegamingnerd1930d ago

i thought it was pretty obvious

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