Opinion: Breaking up with this generation. Why I’m ready to move on.

HeyUGuys Gaming Editor in Chief tries to decipher why he’s suddenly burnt out of all his consoles.

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ArchangelMike1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Excellent article. Very well written, interesting, witty and balanced.

I'm also ready for next gen, but I don't know if I'm ready to completely let go of this gen yet. There are still games like, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Dark Souls 2, and GTA V, to name a few.

You also have all the cross-gen games, (Watch dogs, AC IV, BF4, MGS V etc). Let's be honest, there's still a lot of mileage to be had from current gen gaming, especially when you consider your gaming hall of shame, aka all the unfinished 'great' games that are sitting on the shelf.

With all that said though Next-Gen is day 1 for me.

Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous Second Son, Drive Club, BF4, WatchDogs, and Destiny. Bring on Next Gen :)

malokevi1930d ago

Dont forget BLACKLIST! One of my most anticipated titles right now, in spite of the looming presence of next-gen awesomeness.

Needs me some Spies vs Mercs 4v4 action.... *drool*

That being the case, I'm also ready for the next-gen. This generation has begun to wear on me. I'm ready for the next big push towards higher quality... as beautiful as BF3 is.

Been playing Hitman: Absolution, which is tons of fun... and the volume of the crowds is crazy. And you can kill every single person. Haven't really seen anything else like it. It makes me excited for whats next.

Brasi19891930d ago

My "gaming hall of shame" is quite embarrassing tbh... +B

LGroves_84HuG1930d ago

Thank you Mike, much appreciated!

I still think there is a good amount of life left in the current gen. If people have seen what next-gen has to offer and choose to stay with their current consoles for the future then they will still have plenty of games to enjoy, which is fantastic. It's just for me, I KNOW I'm going next-gen as soon as it's available, so the cross gen games like Watch Dogs, Black Flag and such I will purchase on my shiny new system, so it kinda renders my personal consoles kind of obsolete.

But again, thanks for checking out the article. We all really appreciate it!



PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

PS4 day 1..

Watchdogs Fifa14 Destiny TheCrew MGS5 FF

Software_Lover1930d ago

Honestly, I think since we waited this long, Microsoft and Sony could've waited till next year to release. I still have plenty of games to play from this gen and will probably be playing this gen for a long time.

Add to that the fact some of the anticipated games for next gen aren't ready for release as of yet. One more year and the launch of both probably would've been the best ever.

Infamous 2014
Halo 2014
Drive Club 2014
The Division 2014
Watch Dogs
Destiny 2014
Forza 5
GT 6 (maybe)


Rusty5151930d ago

You can wait. I sure as hell aint.

Software_Lover1930d ago

Actually you are. Atleast 4 more months.

sidenote:I guess it hasn't affected me as much as I game alot on the pc side and have a great rig. I forget about that when talking about the consoles.

Chuk51930d ago

Why's it have to be this way

cunnilumpkin1930d ago

moved on long ago

still played last of us, gow ascension, halo 4

but they all were last gen looking and running

I have not been seriously into console gaming since 2007-2008

everything on them looks so low res and jaggie

cannot wait till ps4/xbox1 finally get out so I can see some of the franchises I love not look like crap

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The story is too old to be commented.