Samurai Shodown Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Today

Hardcore Gamer: Here's one to make you feel old: Samurai Shodown was first released to arcades twenty years ago today. One of the earliest Neo Geo fighting games, the series quickly grew to be synonymous with the platform in ways that only King of Fighters or Metal Slug have

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ion6662022d ago

Make a new one PLEASE!!!!

Tetsujin2022d ago

I remember spending hours at Wal Mart playing this while my parents were shopping; I also remember the machine next to Street Fighter 2 and Art of Fighting.

I downloaded the Neo Geo release on PSN about a year ago (with SS1 and KOF 96), and the series is due for some type of HD remake and/or re-release.

mydyingparadiselost2022d ago

Too bad it's an anniversary for the dead

jc485732022d ago

Well, SNK will be announcing something new soon =). They've been hiring people to work on a 3D Fighter. It was hinted that it would be the next chapter to Maximum Impact or a new Samurai Shodown 3D fighter.

darthv722022d ago

is one 3d version that i know of. It was in the arcade and on the 360.

if they are working on a new cant be any worse than Sen.

jc485732022d ago

the guys that worked on Samurai Shodown Sen have been absorbed by Capcom. This is a whole new team.

Knushwood Butt2022d ago

Where is the source for that?

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