Strategy Informer: Viking: Battle For Asgard Review

Sean Bell of Strategy Informer writes: "Look, we know what you're thinking. "Oh good, another third-person hack 'n' slash yawnathon with a fantasy setting and probably some rubbish RPG elements to make up for the equally rubbish combat". And in all fairness, we were in the same boat as you just over a week ago. We'd seen the trailers that went up on the Xbox 360 marketplace, and they didn't exactly fill us with confidence. On paper, everything about the game seemed generic as hell. So, you can imagine our surprise when Viking actually turned out to be one of the most fun games we've played for quite a while.

The premise of the game is pretty standard. You play as Skarin, a Viking warrior charged with the task of fighting back against the monstrous hordes summoned by Hel, the goddess of death. Hel wants to cover the entire world with Viking zombies and ultimately summon the wolf-god Fenrir, in order to... look, none of this is hugely important. What's important is that you're given a brilliant excuse to slash up thousands and thousands of undead soldiers in a series of side-missions and genuinely epic battles."

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FCOLitsjustagame4246d ago

Not only are the review scores from different sites all over the place, the reviews themselves are. On the one hand a reviewer will say its one of the most fun games they have played and on another hand they will say its repetative and boring and give it a lower score. The user reviews tend to more positive, except you get some people who absolutly hate the game.

I was thinking it was like an Overlord where it got lots of low scores but the people that played it liked it. But I dont remember anyone who absolutly hated it. Still though, I didnt let reviews sway me with Overlord and I ended up loving it, so I am left wondering if the same thing would be for this game. On the other hand there are lots of games I havent picked up yet that did get better reviews that I maybe I should hold off. Decisions, decisions.

Darkfiber4246d ago

I picked it up and I love it, it's a blast to play. There are a few problems with it but the fun factor is huge. Sometimes a good hack and slash can be realy satisfying, plus it's a pretty big game and will take you a while to beat, which is good since the average game these days is less than 10 hours.

Bust Nak4246d ago

This game have picked up quite a few fans, me included. Just take a look at the backlash against EuroGamer's review in the comment section, calling for the head of the reviewer when he gave Viking a low score.

Bebedora4246d ago

Fenris. It's Fenris. Why spell names wrong intentionally?

When I'm on it:

It's not Odin. It's Oden.
It's not Loki. It's Loke.
It's not Thor. It's Tor.
Also - It's not Soccer, it's Football.

Bloody amateurs. I'll see if I will buy this. I am longing for some good old fantasy type of games on my PS3.