Battlefield 4 Hands On Preview | NZGamer

NZGamer: "Conrad got the chance to sit down with a copy of Battlefield 4 and take it through its paces."

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ArchangelMike1955d ago

Man I just can't decide which PS4 launch day bundle to get. The KZ:SF bundle or the BF4 bundle? It's a bad time to have cash flow problems :(

Lunarassassin1955d ago

From what i understand the launch day bundles have sold out, so you may have more time to decide than you think.

mitchell11881955d ago

Bundles are still available. Buying launch day system only is no longer available.

Lunarassassin1955d ago

That makes no sense. How can they have day one bundles but not day one system only?

TimeSkipLuffy1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )


Because the bundle sets are probably also day one systems but are bundled with a game ;D... I think it's only hard to switch units in the manufacturing process. You can't just change the amount of systems for bundle packages and usual ones whenever you want. You need to order a fixed amount of packages from the manufacturer.

I have to stick with Drive Club and my PS3 games on my PS3 until the games are getting cheaper. Or perhaps rent a game... :3

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Majin-vegeta1955d ago

I doubted this game when it was revealed back in(I forgot the date).But after E3 multi.I can't wait to get it.But it's gonna have to take a back seat behind KZ:SF. Since that's main FPS series.

MWong1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Never doubt BF, NEVER. I really want to see what the Commander role can do with my platoon. I'm getting KZ:SF, but this will be the main game I will be playing this holiday season. Can't wait for the beta in the next 2 months.

The one thing I hope they release soon is a full weapons list. BF3 had 75 guns(not including the suppressed handgun versions and including the M16A4) and like 30 additional gadgets and rocket launchers. I am sure BF4 can have 100 if not more.

mkotechno1955d ago

No new info, hands on a demo of a month ago that have tons of reviews already... whats the point?

JunioRS1011955d ago

man i can't wait for my day one ps4 bf4 ps+ bundle!!

side note: all these games already announced are great, but I'm also excited about potentially ratchet and clank, or another jak and daxter, or another LittleBigPlanet, or even the next UC or GT. all so solid in theory