Strategy Informer: Dark Sector Review

Chris Matel of Strategy Informer writes: "Black-ops and secret mission-based games usually involve a good amount of sneaking around and intelligence gathering, as well as cool gadgets and a variable amount of killing. Digital Extreme's Dark Sector doesn't mess with the formula much, but does offer a bit of a different take in the gadgets' department. The game has undergone a big transformation from what was seen in its debut trailer from a couple of years back, with the final project more terrestrial than its space-based original concept. What we're left with is a fairly safe game with a lot of shine, and a possible franchise that has more potential than what has been conceived for this first effort.

Like Snake infiltrating Zanzibar, or Sam Fisher sneaking into some foreign enemy base, Dark Sector's Hayden Tenno stealthily makes his way unto the shores of the fictitious, ex-Soviet, Eastern Bloc country of Lasria. Tenno's past is a mysterious one, with some amount of conflict, and he is charged with the task of bringing down his former mentor who has gone rogue after being sent into the country years earlier to follow-through on a secret government mission. Before he has a chance to complete his mission, Tenno is infected with a disease that has given him the ability to perform superhuman abilities."

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