The 5 Cheapest Characters in Fighting Game History

Fighting games are known for being complex, flashy, and oftentimes gratifying. However, they’re just as often one of the video game world’s greatest stressors. Between unbalanced characters and nearly-unbeatable CPUs, a select few fighting game characters have become the source of broken controllers, damaged televisions, and irreparable damages to the self-esteem levels of gamers everywhere.
From tough bosses to overpowered tournament characters, here are some of the cheapest characters in all of fighting games.

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ion6661928d ago

bob is not cheap if you learn how to avoid and block his attacks. the cheapest characters are ( at least to me ) ,panda and kuma,devil jin cause of there projectiles. jinpachi mishima, and those god aweful kangaroo / veloci-raptor.I know you cant get rid of the devil gene because of the story line. but those other characters , delete them from history please thank you. all the rest i love ,the remaining cast were at based on some martial arts movies ,that is why i like tekken, Its not realistic ,its more like a kung fu flck.

fardan851928d ago

Devil Jin and Mishimas are the hardest characters to master in tekken except Jinpachi. Alex/Rojer.J aren't over powered, they are just fine.
Bob is over powered.

kingPoS1928d ago

Don't forget Alisa, she's too cheap with her projectiles and air dives.

Simon_Brezhnev1928d ago

Maybe not the top but if anybody played Blazblue on the hardest and they make you fight an unlimited character its annoying. lol

Embolado1928d ago

Seth from Sreet Fighter 4, now that guy was a real P.O.S.

creatchee1928d ago

For real! Eff that guy! :)

kingPoS1928d ago

Shin Akuma from Capcom vs SNK 2.
Cheap ass bastard. lol

Knushwood Butt1928d ago

Mizuki from Samurai Shodown II is damn hard.

She even has that spell that reverses your joystick/controller input commands.