Haze: preview & interview with Derek Littlewood

On a belgian game site 9lives there is an interesting video-interview with Derek Littlewood.

Derek Littlewood, Free Radical Design creative lead, tells about the upcoming game Haze.

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Hellsvacancy4244d ago

it looks like a cross between far cry and crysis, doesnt bring anythin new 2 the table, did ya notice how none of the leaves and plants move, u just walk straight through them, this is supposed 2 b a next gen game, BLACK on the ps2 looks better than this, its a rent not a buy, ill save my money 4 KILLZONE 2 BABY...

yanikins1114244d ago

Really? Nectar has been done before? 4 player co-op, two completely different styles of game play? Sure its not the most original game out this year but its not bad as far as fps go.

MrBii4244d ago

Neither did Halo 3. Walk through water, you just move right through it. Ride a vehicle and the water doesnt even splash...

Tetsuryu4244d ago

LOL. He must of had a hard time trying to score in high school and college.

trancefreak4244d ago

this game is going to rock the PSN loooks wicked as hell.