Rats in a cage: how games will teach us to love the police state

The Verge: "Real-world fears are being turned into an amusement park, and 'Watch Dogs' is the main attraction."

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-Gespenst-1933d ago

Superb article. People aught to read this. Games are stupid, but so many gamers, because of how the industy presents itself, think they're being given intellectual nourishment when they play games like Bioshock. The reality is that games' treatment of serious themes is invariably shallow, and all you're defending when you defend the intellectualism of a game like Bioshock Infinite, is the condescending and cynical marketing practices of the game industry. If you want intellectual nourishment, go to college and study very, very hard. Trust me, like 95% of games are thoroughly stupid.

You can't just desperately hold onto games as escapism. Ultimately they're part of culture, and more particularly gamer culture. The escapism you indulge in, unless you get seriously critical, is shaping your assumptions no matter what. It won't be long before gamers find the notion of a surveillance state enticing because of how it was portrayed in Watch Dogs- a portrayal which is ultimately biased and obfuscating. It wouldn't even surprise me if a company as big as Ubisoft had a cut in some surveillance deal themselves.

Developers and Publishers make "serious" games to make gamers feel justified and legitimised - to make them feel smart - when really the devs themselves are idiots, or are exploiting gamer idiocy for the sake of profits. Culture, entertainment, and the arts have become so hijacked by such tendentious motives and you're a fool to buy into the "serious" shtick of most AAA games. Ignore them, look elsewhere. Look for more idiosyncratic things.

The only problem with this is that even some of the more out-there games still fall back on hackneyed videogame ideas - still feel they need to feed into the sedimented expectations about what a videogame is or aught to be.

Ashunderfire861933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I disagree! Gamers will be aware of the dangers of surveillance portrayed in Watchdogs. In one of the Watchdogs game developer diaries(videos), the producer mention that the protagonist will have a good reason to hack at people behind surveillance, because they are doing something evil.Games are not dumb, they are a work of moving art and great story concepts.

Watch this as game developer talk like a truther(conspiracy), then reveal his game.

Games, movies, music, and even books are actually showing us how the future could be like if there was a one world government, robots rule the world, doomsday and wasteland stories or any of those scenario as a wake up call, if mankind dear to replicate what was suppose to be fiction into reality.

Heck a whole lot of gamers don't like being spied by the Xbox One Kinect, so what makes you think they will accept a police state? You will be surprised people are not that stupid. The Human spirit will rise against evil, just you wait. And another thing, nature will always takeover, no matter what evil the power that be does to this planet. It will bite them back in the ass when they realize that they can't destroy nature. Look at the many civilization lost over the years in time when nature eventually takeover.