Microsoft shuttering MSN TV as Xbox One takes WebTV baton

Microsoft is shuttering MSN TV, the service which put internet access on users’ TV sets as early as 1996 as WebTV, shifting remaining users – and their content – over to SkyDrive. The decision, Microsoft says, was made because “there are many new ways to access the internet” since WebTV initially launched, and as such it will be ceasing service on September 30. The decision comes amid rivals like Apple and Google ramping up their smart TV plans, while Microsoft itself is renewing its efforts on dominating the living room with the upcoming Xbox One.

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creatchee1929d ago

I had no idea that WebTV was still a thing.

darthv721928d ago

it was one of their longest supported services. Seeing as smart tv's are on the rise and people use tablets and phones and makes sense to finally put the webtv/msntv service to rest.

andrewsqual1928d ago

MSN still exists? Wow haven't seen that in nearly 10 years.

malokevi1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I have been using Xbox Music religiously since I got my Surface RT... Its such a great service. The way that I can throw things between the tablet and Xbox is spectacular. I'll be listening to some Slightly Stoopid top hits on my surface on the balcony, realize my TV is right through the screen, mash my finger on the pad, and the music is immediately jamming through my TV speakers. May seem trivial... but that's the sort of minor detail that makes these things so great.

If MS can come up with a TV service that is even remotely as functional, I'm going to be a happy customer. Hopefully with a free-to-use ad-supported model, and a negligibly expensive premium service.

mcstorm1929d ago

I agree I have been using the Xbox music pass for a few years now into when it was zune pass but being able to pick the songs from my Surface and then have them played on the 360 through my sound system is great and everyone who has been to mine loves the setup I have.

I cant wait to see it run even smoother on the xbox one and see the updated xbox music app on 8.1.

If Microsoft can make a tv services like xbox music it will be worth having but I see them teaming up with the big names like Sky ESPN ect to work with there services on the xbox one and windows rather than trying to take them head on like apple and Google are trying to.

Wikkid6661928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You can't fight against the cable companies. The term "don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind. MS knows this... if the cable companies put data caps in place, it would kill MS online/digital future. That's why they are going the hand and hand approach with One. Why is One case so big???I bet anything there is room inside for a cable card, so the cable box won't even be needed. And eventually cable companies will offer One as cable box choice to their customers.

mcstorm1928d ago

You might just be right there and I agree about not going up against the big boys. I live in the uk and here it is all about sky as the main force in tv as they have the main share of the tv market for everything and the ones who have tried to go against them have lost out in a big way. We had itv digital then sanenta try to take the football off of them and both failed. BT are now trying this but there tv service is not as big in channel selections as sky so it will never be as big.

I know this site hates the Xbox one but im really excited to see what Microsoft do with the one as so far im loving all the Microsoft products which includes a Lumia 920, surface rt, windows 8 laptop at work 2012 server for home and my 360 but the one looks a very big step up from the 360 and can't wait to get mine in a few months.

Software_Lover1929d ago

Microsoft had some great ideas in the 90's. They were just ahead of the curve. Alot of stuff they tried to market are now taking off these past couple of years, but from other companies.