PlayTM Interview: Haze talk with Free Radical's Project Lead Derek Littlewood

PlayTM writes: "We're relaxing in an oh-so lifestyle lounge area, in a particularly well-manicured corner of the PlayStation House in London's east-end. We've been playing PS3 FPS big hope Haze, and now we're going to sit down for a chat with Free Radical's project lead, Derek Littlewood.

Q: How long has the game been in development now?

A: About three years.

Q: Is the PS3 daunting or liberating?

A: Well... its always a bit of both. I'd be a bad project lead if I panicked in the face of the technology, but when I do say "wow, we can do all these great things", its then a case of saying "yes, but how can we do all these things", in the timescales, etc. There's many exciting opportunities but also difficult challenges to overcome.

The work it takes to maintain a coherent vision, especially in terms of artwork, is so much harder, because the resolution and everything has stepped right up. The time it takes to produce things, too. It's not a case of saying we'll have this level in 6 to 8 weeks, its more a case of we'll have this ready in six months.

The timescales are so much longer. Maintaining coherence between the time schemes becomes that much harder. So, a few challenges there!"

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