Super Mario 3D World - Post-E3 Preview | Game Guys

Releasing later this year for Wii U is a new core Mario experience, and it's one that takes its cues from a game 25 years its senior.

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TheSoundDefense2023d ago

This is the game that has me most interested in a Wii U, at this point. Though given the overall game situation, I'm more likely to get a PS4 first.

PigPen2023d ago

Wasn't what I was expecting, but it looks good.

ZeekQuattro2023d ago

The game looks great and I intend on buying it. Its sure to do very well in spite of those that try to bring it down for not having online mulitiplayer or because it wasn't a sequel to either 64, Sunshine, & Galaxy. Its like suddenly 3D Land was a horrible game that didn't warrant a sequel. Its all silly really and I can't wait to enjoy this game.

3-4-52023d ago

Most included, assumed the sequel to SM3DL would be on 3DS though....they took this and made it so they had another mario game to sell to people.

This game on 3DS with online multiplayer would have sold 3+ million copies

It will still sell well, but they better be making a real 3D mario game as well.

Hopefully hear about it at E3 2014.

Kevlar0092023d ago

Once the shock that it isn't a true 3D Mario subsides I'm sure people will find it to be an amzing game. Fingers crossed for multiple paths and secret exits

The only concern I have is if single player will be near enjoyable as multiplayer, the game sees tailored to having multi-player madness

jakmckratos2022d ago

Looks cool but I'm not getting a Wii U for this sorry. I really thought Mario 3D was overrated and I've been hoping for a game more akin to Galaxy, 64 and Sunshine where it's an all-connected adventure instead of stages.