89% of Famitsu Readers Believe That The Xbox One Is Priced High

While 60 percent believe the PS4 is priced just right.
According to Famitsu, 89 percent of its readers believe that the Xbox One, at $499, is priced “high” or a “little high” while 60 percent said that the PS4′s pricing was just right. Also, 34 percent stated that the PS4′s pricing was actually quite low.

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FrigidDARKNESS1981d ago

Ifthe system is priced right for consumers. The xb1 has alot more to offer and more features.

andremasonbaba1981d ago

What features are u talking about sir? U really thing you can believe the xbone boss when they say anything!! They flip flop on always online and drm so why u think they won't flip flop on all the other ish there talking's going to be all the same junk that's on 360....all u fanboys don't know how huge 399 is compare to 499.....

The cost of a Sony fanboy switching to xbone(which I doubt will happen)
System. 499
Xb live. 60
1 game 60
Headset. 30
+ tax =. $700 wow

HammadTheBeast1981d ago

PS4 just for comparisons sake:

Console: $399
Controller: $60

1 Game: $60 (Keep in mind that F2P like Planetside 2, Blacklight, and Warframe, and DCUO are present as well)

PS+: $50 (Keep in mind PS+ offers 5 free indie games including Outlast and Driveclub+ edition - limited tracks but cheaper to upgrade to full- for the first month alone).


= ~$600.

An optional headset (one is included in box) would make it about $630.

Yi-Long1981d ago

... Xbox One is priced OK.

The 500$ price-tag isn't the reason why I'm NOT buying the Xbox One. It's all the other crap they announced for it, and just the general direction Microsoft has taken (and aims to take further), that is putting me off.

Some of which I'm very glad to see they have backtracked on (and rightly so), but for now it still has a bunch of negatives that I don't agree with, and PS4 will be my first choice this generation.

Will probably end up with an Xbox One somewhere along the line, when it's cheaper and they have gotten rid of all the other crap.

sunnygrg1981d ago

I don't need Famitsu to tell me that the Xbone is priced high. I already know it is.

FlameHawk1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@ HammadTheBeast, why are you including the price of the controller? It comes with the $399 set. And also. All I am going to do is buy the PS4. The free2play and ps+,(Outlast and Driveclub) will keep me busy until the prices hit $40, $60 is to much for a game.

Its actually
Console: $399
+ tax. which is around $440. I already have plus :). vs the $700 for switching since there are no free games with Live and no F2P.

DragonKnight1981d ago

I don't think Japan should even care about the price of the Xbox One because they are a Tier 2 country. Microsoft don't care about Japan so it's not surprising Japan will find reasons to not care or complain about the Xbox One.

They also happen to be completely correct that the Xbox One is priced high.

JetP06191981d ago


why would you value in a ps4 controller? when it's already included in the ps4 box. There's also a headset included already. Planetside 2 and Warframe are F2p games that dont require plus. so people who are short on cash can actually just get the system and register online and download a f2p game and enjoy the console.

so in REALITY its only 399 plus taxes you need for a ps4 to actually play right away. i dont know where you are getting that 630$ value. such an idiot.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1981d ago

Mr_Nuts + 2h ago
...if you say so

Just bubble the bellend down or report spam , eventually the mods might do something.

NatureOfLogic1981d ago

@ FrigidDARKNESS "The xb1 has alot more to offer and more features."

Why can't you just say that you'll enjoy the console at the current price? You just have troll, and then we have to hear all of this whining of how n4g is mostly Sony fanboys. Xbox fanboys are really quite annoying. First to state their opinion and last to show any links to facts. Everyone knows who the Xbox One fanboys are because they are so few.

kupomogli1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


$399.99 if you live in a state that doesn't charge tax for online purchases.

Playstation usb headsets still work with the PS4, so I got one of those, the free one is still fine. I have a year left on my current PS+ since last time I signed up was with the free three months.

I'm going to get the system so I can get the free games each month, but I'm not buying any games either once it comes out. No games really interest me except for Infamous Second Son and Watch Dogs, but Watch_Dogs isn't too interesting so I'm going to wait until it's $20. I'm also interested in the Division and Mirror's Edge but those aren't launch titles.

mewhy321980d ago

The really high price of the xbone is just another example of micro$oft trying to milk the consumer for all they can get out of them. They first try to get us with drm and then hit us with the high price of an underpowered system. Typical micro$oft. No thanks.

Mounce1980d ago

FrigidDarkness can be seen anywhere talking extreme praise about the Xbone in N4G, I dare anyone to look at all of his comments and see how often he suckles at Xbox Ones balls, Honestly.

How can anyone be so blindly in love with Xbox One, I have no idea.

CuddlyREDRUM1980d ago

If there weren't a more powerful console priced a hundred bucks less, sure.

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Snookies121981d ago

It's the camera bundled in, not the system. That hikes up the price about 100 dollars I'd say. Which means the system itself is about 399. Which is about right for its specs quite honestly.

rdgneoz31981d ago

But the camera is mandatory, there are no deals without the camera. Therefor the system is priced high.

Snookies121981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@rdgneoz3 - Oh yeah, no doubt. Not arguing that point. I'm just saying if the system WERE sold alone, its price would be at the 399 mark. Which is about what it should cost. Which is why I kinda like that Sony didn't bundle the camera in with their system. It allows people to get it cheaper, and I'm all for that personally.

JetP06191981d ago

i'd bet the camera is even more expensive than 100$ the original kinect launched at like 179.99 with a shovelware game thats barely worth anything. kinect 2 must be at least 150$ and above.

thechosenone1981d ago

Well actually it's not since the Xbone is 50% weaker than the PS4, it needs to be priced way below $400.

user55757081981d ago

whats really messed up is that they forced the first kinect down everyones throat with bundles and now you need the new kinect

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n4rc1981d ago

How about a vastly superior network? That's the single deciding factor to buy Xbox in my eyes..

We see the ps4 specs and STILL choose Xbox.. Why could that be?!

Never mind.. Rhetorical question..

HammadTheBeast1981d ago

What superior network? Apparently you say Live is smoother please show me proof. Also, Xbots have said for years that "Oh we pay so it's better", there goes that argument.

Also PS+ demolishes XBL Gold.

Anything else? And please don't bring up the clowds.

n4rc1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Why? No argument against it?

I have both.. Unlike you.. Xbox live crushes psn in speed, security, reliability, features etc..

Achievements > trophies
Party chat..

While PS+ is nothing but a couple usually crappy games.. I got the trial they gave me after the hack.. Didn't even bother using it

I don't hate Sony as you guys clearly hate ms.. But your argument used to be "its not as good but its free!"

Now suddenly its better? Your on crack my friend.. Try a 360 on live sometime

WooHooAlex1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Is Saints Row: the Third a crappy little game? What about Uncharted 3? inFamous 2? LittleBigPlanet 2? Darksiders? Demon's Souls? Borderlands? Deus Ex?
Are those crappy little games? No, those are big budget AAA titles that you got for free with PSplus, I believe Battlefield 3 is coming too. There are many more, including Vita games like Uncharted: GA, Gravity Rush, Ninja Gaiden, Blazblue, Wipeout, Disgaea 3.

The value you get with PSplus is ridiculous, quit trying to underplay it because your an Xbox fanboy.

Imalwaysright1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

You think that Demons Souls, SoTC, Deus EX, Sleeping Dogs or Kings of Amalur (just to name few) are crappy games? I would like to know what you consider to be good games because you're either a troll or you have ridiculously high standards.

Edit WooHooAlex beat me to it.

tiffac0081981d ago

You must realize that you kind of contradicted yourself when you said, you have both PS+ and Live and then following it up with:

"I got the trial they gave me after the hack.. Didn't even bother using it"

If you did not bother using it when it was free, how do we know your using it now, when your suppose to be paying for it?

jeffgoldwin1981d ago

"The value you get with PSplus is ridiculous"

Imo paying for online is ridiculous to begin with. I understand the justification is that xbone and sony give u some free games you may or may not want.

Idk I may end up sitting this next gen out. Have to wait and see if I really get motivated down the road after they release.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1981d ago

n4rc + 1h ago
How about a vastly superior network? That's the single deciding factor to buy Xbox in my eyes..

We see the ps4 specs and STILL choose Xbox.. Why could that be?!

Never mind.. Rhetorical question..

We see? who are we? you mean... you a little troll.. your a no mark and no one cares about your opinion.

Ritsujun1981d ago

Try harder, n4rc Mattrick.

DarkHeroZX1981d ago

Lol how is Live better? I think the only reason people liked live so much was because of the party chat system which has nothing to do with the online infrastructure but console design. The 360 had 512mb of shared ram and a small OS footprint. The ps3 has a split ram of 256mb system ram and 256 vram. Because of the split and a whooping 120mb OS footprint(later reduced to 50mb) the PS3 was never able to add that feature. The vita has 512mb system ram and 128mb vram, the Vita casually does party chat and can multitask across more apps then the PS3 and 360 could ever hope to and it uses the same Network as the PS3. I also play games like Mag, DC universe, BF3, The Last of Us, etc all with little to no lag. All Xbox live is good for is charging for features that should be offered at no extra cost. It doesn't offer any value at all.

BlaqMagiq241981d ago

"We see the ps4 specs and STILL choose Xbox.. Why could that be?!

Never mind.. Rhetorical question.."

I'll answer it anyway. It's because you're a hardcore Xbox fanboy that'll latch onto anything M$ throws out there. I'll bet if they still had their DRM policies you would still buy the Xbone in a heartbeat. You're letting a network decide your purchase? Sorry but in my eyes that's a dumb idea.

Campy da Camper1981d ago

That's a fair point. My response would be, though that I am a SP gamer 80% of the time. If I do go online its for coop campaigns. Never had an issue playing online with a friend. Ever.

The real selling point, though (for me) is all the goodies I get with plus. We both pay 50 a year for our online service. You get to play in a stable online server. I get to play in a stable online server but I also get a ton of games to play with my subscription. Don't care if I'm "renting" since I will never not have plus.

For me the content wins out. I'd rather have free big name games and good online over voice chat.

redwin1980d ago

@hammadthebeast, do you have Xbox Live? I have them both: Live and PS+. MS is better that is why Sony tries to give you better "value". it's another word for "comes out cheaper " in marketing jargon. But this by no means is a reflection on you in a bad way for choosing PS+. The fact is that MS says this is the way things are going to work and they change things. But Sony says you don't need it but ends up making you doing it anyway.. Lol. Hence: high speed connection, the paid network, hard drives and downloading games instead of buying the cd... Lol. You WILL end up purchasing new games from the network instead of the cd .. You'll see. Also, with Xbox you can stop renting that DVR at home and save that $. Just connect the cable to the Xbox one. I believe you can do that with the 360 already.

UnHoly_One1980d ago

I know I'm wasting my time typing this, because there are so many blind Sony Fanboys on here it is unbelievable.

But I'm going to say it anyway.

N4rc is right.

I have no idea if this will hold true going into next gen, but I have no reason to think it won't.

Xbox Live is so much better than PSN it is embarrassing...

If you haven't used them both a lot, I understand how you find this hard to believe, but it is quite true.

Download speeds alone make XBL worth the price of admission. I can download 2 things of equal size from both places, and my XBL download will finish in about 1/5th of the time. Same internet connection, same everything, both wired directly into the same router, so don't give me this "your internet must suck" bullcrap. My internet is fine, PSN is slow as balls.

Matchmaking, friends list, messages, invites... All are handled 100 times better on XBL. Smoother, faster... Just plain BETTER. Those are all things controlled by the OS, so I'm hoping that Sony gets their head out of their ass and corrects that for the PS4.

PS+ is a great concept that holds no value to me because I buy all the games I want long before they become free anyway.

But anyway, that's the short and skinny of it. Anyone who hits disagree on this post is in denial, or has never used XBL.

I'm not trolling, I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just stating the facts about the two services. Some of that stuff is a matter of personal preference for sure, but the download speed is an undeniable advantage for XBL.

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Funnymonkey0131981d ago

I c I guess u like watching movies on the cable box and have it to spy on u have fun with it. o and when lots of games and features comes only 4 ps4 don't bother coming to ps4 trust me it would be good 4 people that r brain dead not to be with the smart people that know how to spend their money wisely:)

redwin1980d ago

Dude, I'm getting both on day one.. Lol

hakesterman1981d ago

Your Right if the consumer wants all those features, problem is a majority of them don't want anything to do with Kinect. All they want is the xbone game machine. If MS. would sell a non Kinect console for a $ 100.00 less, you would see a 50 percent increase in XB1 sales i guarantee it.

jeffgoldwin1981d ago

Agree, but I'd add I don't want the touchpad from sony either so that's getting forced too.

ssj271981d ago

I'm starting to think that Kinect is a echelon super computer and he is making accounts every where and talking good about the XBONE..
and his main goal is to have a eye in every household.
"the big brother is watching us"
frigiddarkeness are you kinect?

redwin1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

It's like "1984". Too late though, we have smart phones that tracks you and records your searches, street cameras, drones flying overhead , credit cards and charge cards to tracks what you buy and no job pays cash so they can track what you make and that you spend. Your PC, smartphones and smart TV also have camera and toll bridges ... ALL these and now we have a problem with kinect .... Haha.

ssj271980d ago

true! but kinect can see you heart bits and blood flow, I don't think my pc or cellphone camera can. Kinect is a whole new level and I bet it has many radioactive bs been thrown at as, we already have many of those like our new smart meters, kimtrails.. kinect is un-necesary and I bet is very toxic to have.
ps. many jobs pays cash.

RedHawkX1981d ago

it has a lot less to offer to gamers and only fanboys want the xbox one so they need to lower the price to a price where non idiots will think about buying it.

oscarcat591981d ago

It has alot less to offer? Does your console of choice have Skype, kinect, very fast multitasking, apps that are designed on windows kernel, azure server support, tv hdmi pass through and of course games? Does it offend you so much that people may want more than a game machine?

IMightBeRetarded1980d ago

I have a computer and tv for those most of those things. I'm not paying $100 dollars extra for something I already have.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1981d ago

FrigidDARKNESS + 2h ago
Ifthe system is priced right for consumers. The ps4 has alot more to offer and more features.

CrimsonStar1981d ago

I disagree if the Kinect was not mandatory it would be the same price as the ps4 which is pretty good. 500$ isn't steep , but it sure as hell isn't cheap

Utalkin2me1981d ago


Care to give some concrete evidence of why it is better?

DigitalRaptor1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

And how many of said features are gaming related and things you can already do well on a PC or smart TV setup?

Barely any. I look to a gaming console for its games and gaming-related features.

AceofStaves1981d ago

Depends on where you live. The TV integration/cable offerings won't be available everywhere.

MysticStrummer1981d ago

"the system is priced right for consumers"

Conclusive proof that Famitsu readers are not consumers.

Phlegm at 11

Funantic11981d ago

If 34% of people think the PS4's price is quite low then maybe they would accept a $499 price tag.

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noctis_lumia1980d ago

like what craps?
i have my cable provider and pc if i want to watch tv...

DonFreezer1980d ago

The Japanese are trolling it seems.399 is low and 499 is high?Are we smoking something ps drones.

IMightBeRetarded1980d ago

No. We're paying less for more.

medman1980d ago

Said the easily duped consumer.

NeoTribe1980d ago

For a minute I thought you were actually gonna present some facts to go along with the garbage that came out of your mouth. Like all xbots, ofcourse not.

3-4-51980d ago

What " a lot more features " does it have ?

* takes less than 2 seconds to turn power on via button.

If your that lazy....

dale_denton1980d ago

you don't give up do you? Microsoft slave

1980d ago
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fermcr1981d ago

Xbox One is not priced high... it's Kinect that's expensive. They need to release a cheaper Xbox One version without Kinect.

Fireseed1981d ago

They release the X1 without Kinect then we wont see any AAA games take advantage of the hardware. Because they can't guarantee you have it. Much like devs were constrained on the 360 because they couldn't guarantee you had a HDD.

NihonjinChick1981d ago

It can't function without Kinect. You won't see a change like that unless they decide to change it in some sort of new revised version.

fermcr1981d ago

Just like they couldn't change the DRM ?

Of course they can change it. It's software in the OS. Just have to reprogram it.

NihonjinChick1981d ago

@Fermcr, find the part where I said they couldn't change it and I'll give you a cookie.

hakesterman1981d ago

Kinect is a Joke, and now MS. is the Joke.

MysticStrummer1981d ago

They already flipped one unflippable switch. You ask for too much.

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CrimsonStar1981d ago

Yes sir then the ps4 and Xbox1 would be able to compete at a higher level .

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LOGICWINS1981d ago

Its laughable to me that $399 is "okay" but $499 (just $100 more) is taboo territory.