Interview: Tiga's new CEO Richard Wilson - One Foot in the Game

Earlier this year, Fred Hasson stepped down as head of UK developer body Tiga, seven years after taking the helm, and was replaced by Dr Richard Wilson - a name that might not be familiar to many, given that he hasn't worked in the games industry before. spent some time with him recently to find out more about the new man and what his thoughts are on the challenges that lie ahead.

In part one he talks about his reasons for being attracted to the job, how he feels the industry is developing, his thoughts on the Byron Review, and what the government's attitude is.

Q: What attracted you to the job in the first place?

Richard Wilson: Well I have a background of representing businesses – I used to work at the Institute of Directors as head of business policy, and there I was in the role of representing 50,000 different businesses, from all different sections of the economy. And that was very interesting, I enjoyed it very much.

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