Fallout 4: 10 Improvements We Want To See

This is how Bethesda can nail it with Fallout 4.

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Mr_Nuts1929d ago

*** Online Player Interaction ***

No, no and no

Fallout does not need online, if they want to do an MMO in the far future then fair enough but they shouldn't ruin a great single player games.

Seriously it's becoming an obsession with people...and for what to show off to their friends for a few hours a day where they will ditch the game to go on a proper online game such as COD or by next gen TitanFall.

I really want them to stick to Fallout 3 over New Vegas. I hated how you only gained a perk every two levels and I hated how there wasn't a single player to max out your SPECIAL like in Fallout 3.

I do want to see something done with the loading screens. I mean if they can create such a huge world without loading screens why is it when I enter a city theres more loading screens in the city for stores, houses, other areas.

Remember the Thieves Guild in Skyrim. It was torture if you were doing the quests to restore the guild to it's former glory and since the quests didn't last long you were always going back and forward. Riften - Loading Screen - Thieves Guild Grave Yard Entrance - Loading Screen - Go through the door to the pub part of the guild - Loading Screen and you had to go back after you got the quests.

Lucreto1929d ago

The loading screens were crasy especially on PS3 but the Riften one was very bad.

Mr_Nuts1929d ago

I just hope in the future when you enter a loading screen to go into a town, the underground subway, an area in general thats not the outside map you don't get any loading screens in that area

If I enter a town then I want to be able to go in and out of shops/houses in that city without a loading screen....they can do it. If they can make a huge map without them then they can do a smaller one without them.

Hell even if the loading screen to get into a city takes a little longer I'm fine with it if everything else is loaded.

Zeniix1929d ago

yep agreed, fallout should and always stay single player imo

Derekvinyard131929d ago

Hated new Vegas, fallout 3 was miles better. Considering I played it on ps3 I would have to say better performance technically, there was a lot of crashing

SactoGamer1929d ago

New Vegas is a favorite here at the office.

Lucreto1929d ago

What I would like to see:

1. Like in Skyrim hearthfire. You are able to craft a house from bits and pieces around the wasteland. They can expand it to make your own town and get people to live in it.

2. Companions with a bit of story behind them. You can talk to them and eventually get extra missions for them and get unique perks. I think New Vegas did something like that.

Mr_Nuts1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

We should be able to set a home up any where and be able to make it as big/tall as we can.

Either start from scratch or if you see a random building like a police station, super market or abandoned house you should be able to make that your home...when you do that it gets rid of everything in the house so you have room to build.

The wasteland is huge and is usualy empty so building anywhere shouldn't be a problem.

Unlike Hearthfire though I want my houses to look different. I can go with the easy supplies like shanty materials or go with super rare supplies like concrete or in tact brick. I think you skills should play some part in it though, if you have a high lock picking skill you should be able to create better locks for your doors so raiders won't trash the place or if you have better repair skill you can create a better reinforced door.

MrSwankSinatra1929d ago

for me all i ask is that fallout 4 is more like 3 rather than new vegas. an why even ask for online, bethesda game studios doesn't make even make online games. me personally i don't want online for fallout 4 period it takes away from the experience.

JunioRS1011929d ago

I actually dislike the fact that bethesda games feel so similar dating back to morrowind. It's just getting a little old, and they really need to rejuvenate the combat system with a little realism and physics. They're good games, but if we end up with yet another game that's simply higher res, I'll be disappointed I think. Not completely, but they're a successful studio and need to not rest on their laurels so much

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