Halo 5: Possible Plot Theories for Master Chief’s Next Adventure

Where could Halo go from here? Here are some starting points.

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Mr_Nuts1981d ago

It's funny they mention Cortana possibly becoming a Promethean as thats what I was thinking during the reveal.

I'm pretty sure with the Prometheans though during the Flood War, they turned into digital intelligences by the Composer.

Surley it's not bizarre to think that it could be reversed by the time Halo 6 comes out and we get to see a human Cortana.

GameCents1981d ago

Way ahead of you buddy...

aviator1891981d ago

I still wish they would hold off on finding cortana until halo 6 and push halo 5 with a new replacement a.i. for master chief. I think it would be nice, shooting up grunts, elites, prometheans, etc. with a new ai with a different personality.

Muffins12231981d ago

They wont give him a new ai...we will probably see the return of arbiter from halo 3 hopefully?

aviator1891981d ago

that'd be cool too.
Arbiter was bad-ass.

PopRocks3591981d ago

Whatever it is, I hope it involves the Arbiter. That character was very underrated. And I'm a sucker for Kieth David, the Arbiter's voice actor.

TekoIie1980d ago

Would be cool to see the updated design too!

TotalSynthesisX1980d ago

Keith David is pretty much the Morgan Freeman of video games.