PSX Extreme: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "It's one of the longest running franchises out there, and without skipping a beat, the sixth installment comes marching along for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Some of you may remember the original Dynasty Warriors that released as a launch title back in 2000 for the PS2. It came along with high critical acclaim and many new owners of Sony's console very much enjoyed the title, as it clearly ushered in a new era of gaming; it featured hundreds of characters and enemies on the screen at once, and flashy visuals never seen before on consoles. Since then, though, the DW series hasn't really matured much, and now, over seven years later, the sixth entry in the series only proves that Dynasty Warriors is aging. ...and instead of aging like a fine wine, it's aging more like milk. We won't deny that it's still entertaining - at least for a while - but beyond that, we get the same ol' same ol' with a lame attempt at instituting a "new" combat system. Sorry, but this really isn't what we were hoping for."

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