Without Mattrick future of Xbox One less clear, to be helmed by Windows Chief?

Microsoft has been dragged through the mud in the past several weeks leading up to E3 due to its controversial always online and used game DRM policies. Mattrick was the face of the Xbox One since the beginning and have had to face many challenges with selling the vision of the console. Mattrick notoriously told the press to buy the Xbox 360 if they don’t have an Internet connection and also defended the $499 price tag of the Xbox One by stating that Microsoft is offering consumers “thousands” of dollars in value.

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zeal0us2939d ago

Just promote Spencer or Harrison to take Mattick spot. I find it hard that someone who was responsible for WP8 will be a big help.

aviator1892939d ago

windows chief =/= wp platform chief.

zeal0us2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Yeah made a mistakes should've been Windows 8/W8. But then again I could be wrong she was also in charge of Windows 7 launch, UI design for Office XP-2007. So she probably could be a good candidate for the position but I still think Spencer or Harrison would be a better option.

Blacktric2938d ago

"...or Harrison would be a better option."

You mean one of the guys who was responsible for a horrific PS3 launch? I thought this was about creating a better future for Xbox, not worse.

Belking2938d ago

She oversaw windows 7 not 8. She is a better speaker and communicator than mattrick and that's something they need. Plus I would much rather look at her than Mattricks face.

AAACE52938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Harrison will probably fill the spot eventually! It seems like that's why they hired him in the first place!

Soldierone2938d ago

She did 7, which is a huge plus. Vista just did massive damage, and she still somehow managed to get 7 to do extremely well. Then Microsoft went and ruined it with 8.

She really didn't have an interest or helped with 8 at all, and look at it. It sucks.

I think bridging her to Xbox is smart, it puts Microsoft back into a software push. Thats where they are successful, and going back to their root will do them good.

jeffgoldwin2938d ago

I don't agree with all your up and down like/dislikes on windows platforms.

Starting with vista was a big performance gain for me and pc gamers. Required a lot of ram to use it.

Windows 7 obviously pwn'd.

Windows 8 was somewhat disappointing overall to me because of the interface, but I do like the efficiency and slight performance increases it has over windows 7 (Im kind of luke warm to it, but not full on hating mode for win 8).

Soldierone2938d ago


Sales and reviews say other wise though. In those regards, Vista sucked. 7 is awesome like XP was, and again people are hating 8. I had Vista for gaming, and it really didn't do anything for medium range PC gaming except make things worse than it needed to be.

Pretty much everything she was watching over did fine, but she didn't take part in Windows 8. She had some say, but her role wasn't as major as it was with 7.

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JBSleek2938d ago

She is a good choice from her experience. Spencer or Harrison aren't good choices because of the promotion that comes with this job of also running Surface and other hardware.

Fireseed2938d ago

Why the fuck haven't they given this to J. Allard yet!?!?

DJ2938d ago

Yeah, where the hell is he? To me he properly represented Xbox. They need to bring him back.

Fireseed2938d ago

Just found out he retired :/

JohnS13132938d ago

He wasn't going to leave. I'm sure he had an offer from Zynga but why take that job if everything was great at Microsoft? Now that this mess happened that job is the perfect opportunity to get off a sinking ship. And get on another sinking ship.

Soldierone2938d ago

Well considering things don't start sinking until he jumps on, then his job was probably on the line so he left. He was with EA, they start going downhill, he leaves, they go back up. He joins MS, they start going downhill, he leaves.

At least he can look at the bright side and Zynga going entirely bankrupt won't be 100 percent his fault since they already suck.

kewlkat0072938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

He left for a much bigger offer..he wasn't pushed out. Watch him make more money when Zynga gets bought, you'll see.

These High-lever executives jump from job to job.

B1uBurneR2938d ago

Who cares lets the console features and games speak for itself .. just release videos after videos after videos time put up or shut up

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