Gamedaily: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Review - Team Ninja's handheld Ninja Gaiden slices and dices elegantly

Gamedaily writes: "Ninja Gaiden II won't be out for the Xbox 360 for a couple of months, but Team Ninja has something for you to play while you wait. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is a fitting addition to the series, following the same hardcore style as previous entries with plenty of ninja-themed slicing and dicing. It may not be as packed with action and strategy as earlier Ninja Gaidens, but its unique gameplay and presentation more than make up for that.

In the game, Ryu finds himself on a mission to collect strange dragon orbs while at the same time attempting to rescue a female compatriot. As expected, several enemies stand in his way, wielding weapons that range from sharp-fingered gloves to gigantic swords. Ryu's armed and ready, though. He returns with his majestic Dragon Sword in hand, along with a few shuriken throwing stars and plenty of athletic ability."

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PS360WII4246d ago

Ninja Gaiden DS is a great action game nice review