Next-Gen.Biz: The Ken Levine Interview

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "He's just that big now. We only have to say it's a Ken Levine interview and you're hooked. And if you're not, well, you're missing out on a genuinely lively thinker who ponders deeply, and doesn't mind talking, passionately, about games…

If you want to sit down and talk about games with Ken Levine, bring a packed lunch. He'll happily talk all day long. When I went to see him, we only had 30 minutes but, somehow, that turned into an hour.

We talked about plenty of specifics concerning gameplay, character, narrative, environment and so on. But mostly we talked about the nature of creativity. I think, one of the most revealing things we said came about halfway into the interview, when he talked about how the only way to succeed in making games is to truly "love" games and the game industry itself. He paid tribute, not only to those people directly involved in the success of Bioshock, but also to those who compete directly against it."

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