Gaming Hardware Sales - $55 1TB HDD, $50 8GB RAM, GPU, etc.

GamersNexus: "Welcome to another edition of Mik's picks, where we find some of the weekend's best gaming hardware sales. I hope everyone had a good fourth of July -- but now it's time to get back to GN's reality: System building. What better way than to see what great deals are out there for you to check out?"

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MooseWI1956d ago

Came because of HD, it's Sata II though and 32mb cache.

shadowmist131955d ago

Bought geforce 650 gtx 1gb yesterday and im really happy,bought it for R1700(south africa) and im really happy about it.

kingPoS1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Nvm, it's a full sized 3.5 HDD.