Battlefield 4 Features VS COD: Ghosts Features

The 2 highly anticipated first person shooters are almost here for another battle against players, studios and $$ but what game is looking like it’s the top dog this time?

We have done our research and compiled as much information up on each game’s features that we could find.

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Hellsvacancy1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Battlefield 4 for me, no need to explain why = Sold

angelsx1932d ago

Who try Battlefield never come back to Cod.

bviperz1932d ago

Add to the fact they brought the Commander position back (i.e. Battlefield 2)? I'm sold as well.

MWong1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I'll get both games and play the single player campaign, but will only play multiplayer on BF4. I hope BF4 sales more than COD, it really needs to get the praise it truly deserves. BF is an amazing series of amazing all out warfare.

I still don't like that magazine feature, might be a little too realistic.

starf1sh1933d ago

I will also be going with Battlefield 4 personally. It just looks like the better game at the moment.

MizTv1932d ago

64 player!!! hell yeah!!!!

CrimsonStar1932d ago

Yes sir. That's what I'm most excited about .


These engine mash ups are an interesting idea.

Just imagine the possibilites!

PigPen1932d ago

Call Of Duty always win in the sales department. It's the game I will buy.

GamerzElite1932d ago

Till day I was playing COD, From now I am going to avoid this sh*t. Everyday I face lag, lag and lag.

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Andreas-Sword1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

This time Battlefield will win in the sales department!
Here are the North American PS4 & Xbox One pre-order totals:

PS4: Top 10 Pre-orders
1. Battlefield 4
2. Watch Dogs
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall
4. Madden NFL 25
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
6. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
7. Need for Speed Rivals
8. FIFA Soccer 14
9. Knack
10. Driveclub

Xbox One: Top 10 Pre-orders
1. Battlefield 4
2. Dead Rising 3
3. Ryse: Son of Rome
4. Madden NFL 25
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
6. Watch Dogs
7. Forza Motorsport 5
8. Kinect Sports Rivals
9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
10. Need for Speed Rivals

CrimsonStar1932d ago

I myself will be playing Battle field this gene , until call of duty steps their game up a little .

Shadonic1932d ago

Crack sells more do you want that too ?

PigPen1932d ago

Why are you talking crazy?

Shadonic1932d ago

Sometimes you have to talk crazy to a crazy person for them to understand. Just because it has more sells doesn't mean its the obvious best choice Especially when in this day and age where most things that get more sells are not really that great.

PigPen1932d ago

You know, a crazy person don't know that they are crazy. Now I'm looking at you. If I want Call Of Duty: Ghosts, why should you care. I want Call Of Duty: Ghosts, that's the end of discussion.

Shadonic1932d ago

I'm sorry bro im just joking around man just doo you bro.

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Trunkz Jr1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

As much of a Battlefield fan as I am, the last 5 things on that list aren't much of a feature, seems like it was added to just make the list bigger

USMC, Russia, and China factions
4 Squad Classes
9 Classes of Weapons
7 Different Explosives
19 Confirmed Vehicles

They actually forgot some legit ones tho.

Counter Knife
New Vehicle Disabling
VOIP will be availble on PC in-game.

Trunkz Jr1932d ago

Yes, it's no longer being done by health, it's where you hit the vehicle. So you can take out the back tires of a vehicle, or just a turret part of the tank, etc.

KwietStorm1931d ago

I didn't hear that at all about the vehicles. Thanks.

Akuma2K1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Tank gameplay differences between BF4 and BF3....

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