Actor Nolan North Discusses Uncharted 4

One of the most popular voice actors in the games industry is best known for his performance capture work on Naughty Dog’s PlayStation franchise Uncharted. The man behind Nathan Drake -- actor Nolan North -- talks about the potential fourth game in the franchise in this exclusive video interview.

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gamerlive1930d ago

Uncharted 4 on PS4 will kick ass.

Plagasx1930d ago

Just another day at N4G.

NukaCola1930d ago

Im feeding for hope anyway. I love ND and cant wait for whatever they have for next generation

majiebeast1930d ago

No Uncharted 4 yet, im thinking another new IP from Naughty dog.

fattyuk1930d ago

nah not yet, another sequel to tlou or unchartered and then a new ip.

e3 next year a new unchartered, it will be fantastic in the 3rd fiscal year for the

Nitrowolf21930d ago

expect it to be announced by the end of this year (VGA) or start of next ;)

tigertron1930d ago

Savage Starlight I hope.

HammadTheBeast1930d ago

That would actually be a possibility, they might've been hinting at that from the comics.

abzdine1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

they just made TLOU, i know how talented they are but another IP right after TLOU would be a huge pressure on their shoulders.

Uncharted is a blockbuster console seller more than any other ND franchise before that, i think that a PS4 version would be seen as a new IP because the technical gap would be so huge from PS3, and they could also implement some true next gen things into it which will make U4 very special.

i personnaly want U4, and i can feel they're gonna announce it at the VGAs

Stallion1930d ago

After Uncharted 2 they split it into two teams. One team started on TLOU and one on Uncharted 3. The Uncharted 3 team should be coming up next.
I highly doubt its Uncharted 4, just from how long they're taking.
Whatever they're brewing, its probably going to be a new IP set for 2015. You generally don't spend 4 years on a sequel to an extremely linear game.

Tontus1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Nah, The Last of Us is a bigger blockbuster console seller than any of the Uncharted games and Crash Bandicoot is by far the biggest franchise Naughty Dog have ever created, shame they no longer have the rights.

I mean, The Last of Us had a summer release during the last year of the console generation when sales normally slow down a lot and received not much in the way of bundling and it had a better opening than Uncharted 1, 2 & as much as 3!

Uncharted isn't really a big or beloved series, take away the Q4 holiday release, mass bundling and insane amount of advertisement and the games aren't very popular. Look at Sony's top 4 biggest franchises popularity and look at TLoU, GoW3/A, GT5/6 and then look at UC1/2/3. Also look at the size of the fan pages on Facebook, the Uncharted pages are very small.

I think Naughty Dog should continue The Last of Us and create a new IP for the PS4 and leave the Uncharted franchise in the hands of another developer to continue on the PS Vita.

Mr_Nuts1930d ago

They have two teams now so I think we will get a new IP from them this gen but it will be done by the Last of Us team, the original team will be doing Uncharted 4, then who knows after that maybe they will do Last of Us 2 when the previous Last of Us team continue with the new IP.

wastedcells1930d ago

They have to do an uncharted for ps4 simply because fans want it. Sony is good like that. Naughty dog has two teams now so we will still see another game along side uncharted 4. Even though I personally would like a new IP for a new console I can't help but be excited to see what uncharted will be like on PS4. Either way a great game is coming with more great games in the future from Sony/ND.

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ScubaSteve11930d ago

Uncharted should end at 3 and have a new ip for the ps4

Black-Helghast1930d ago

Finally, someone who gets me. Uncharted was cool and all but I think it should end. After playing TLOU I want another M game from Naughty Dog.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1930d ago

Hell NO!! Uncharted 3 left so many possibilities open. We don't even know Nate's real name (Nathan Sullivan, I'm calling it). Plus the ending of U3 closed up Uncharted 3 nicely, but it didn't exactly wrap up the entire series. Oh and before you give the "but, but, but.. ND only makes trilogies" I'll just stop you there. That's bull.

GoW didn't end in God of War 2. MGS didn't end in Metal Gear Solid 3, Jak & Daxter didn't end in Jak ll. See where I'm going with this? o_-

It needs an ending. Whether it's their upcoming title or not.

Black-Helghast1930d ago

Oh my God, did you not play The Last of Us? Did you not see how amazing Naughty Dog's games are? I want to see more new stuff from them, not the same ol' same ol'.. If any Naughty Dog game deserves a sequel it should be Jak. We've been waiting in line for a Jak 4 WAY before an Uncharted 4. I Still think Uncharted should end there.

thetorontokid1930d ago

Nolan, really is Nathan Drake! Shouldn't be allowed to do any other voice over work, jk

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