Gamedaily: Dark Sector Review - 'Krull meets Gears of War with mostly satisfying results'

Gamedaily writes: "If someone threw Epic Games' masterful Xbox 360 hit Gears of War into a blender along with the schmaltzy but likable 1983 science fiction movie Krull, Dark Sector would probably be the result. This game follows the same action-packed approach as Gears, right down to the dashing mechanics and the ability to dispatch groups of enemies while hiding behind cover. Although a lack of multiplayer options and a believable story keep it from reaching Gears' glorious heights, Sector is still a marvelous achievement for the London-based Digital Extremes.

In the main story mode, you control Hayden Tenno, an undercover CIA man sent into a former section of the Soviet Union to assassinate a traitor by the name of Mezner, who's gotten a hold of some serious biological weaponry that could destroy the human race. Unfortunately, Tenno finds himself ambushed by a strange alien figure that infects him with the virus. However, this works towards Tenno's benefit, as he gains access to a powerful five-bladed boomerang known as the Glaive. He can throw it around like a Frisbee, opening inaccessible doors and chopping down enemies like trees. It's a moderately weak story, but not quite as bad as other B-movie material."

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