Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review | Playing Out of Control Gaming

The recently released and highly anticipated Animal Crossing: New Leaf, has made its way onto the Nintendo 3DS with you in charge of your new animal-inhabited town. New Leaf is a stress-free, relaxing adventure that’s friendly for all ages. The game definitely shines on the portable 3DS, letting you play even while on the go.

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ion6662020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

1 question , why do people like this game ?. Oh god they said life simulation you get to play yourself playing yourself on tv playing yourself .....???? lmao

DarkBlood2020d ago

it consumes your soul lol, i must play this everyday

AceofStaves2020d ago

It's relaxing. Sometimes it's great to play a game where you collect things and interact with other characters rather thank kill enemies and blow things up.