Dead Rising 3 Brings Back Isabela Keyes From Dead Rising 1 And Chuck Greene

Isabela has been trapped inside a lab for years and she is finally freed when a zombie outbreak spreads to Los Perdidos. Isabela escapes and is searching for a missing element to the cure, blood from patient zero.

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jay21928d ago

This games been f'ed up due to COD!

PigPen1928d ago

This is going to be the ultimate Dead Rising game. Don't worry about every 3 to 4 enemy AI characters being the same. Way more weapons and customizing character. Taking place in a beautiful mansion instead of a mall. Find the key to open a closet and get a STARS jacket.

PFFT1928d ago

Ahhh yeah baby! Cant wait!

Pozzle1928d ago

Off the Record made me realize how much I missed Chuck.

I like Chuck more than Frank. /unpopular opinion