Xbox 360 chief rings the changes after failures - 'UK boss insists that it's a case of down, not out'

Neil Thompson has just one word to describe what it felt like when he first experienced the Xbox 360's so-called red ring of death (RROD): "disappointing".

That's an understatement. The trio of flashing red lights that gives the fault its name is an ominous sign telling gamers that their console has suffered a complete breakdown. And it's plagued thousands of Xbox owners since the problems first started making headlines a year ago.

All this pain has been particularly acute for Thompson because he's not just any ordinary punter, but a senior director at Microsoft and the man responsible for Xbox in the UK. It's been a difficult time.

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THC CELL3852d ago

You should of gone to sony

wageslave3852d ago

What a hatchet job. I read guardian's newspaper religiously, and this is a pretty terrible article, it would never make the print edition.

Fishy Fingers3852d ago

Has become quite a touchy subject for me. Personally, I'm on my 3rd 360, with the previous 2 sufferring the rrod, credit to MS though, the longest period i was without the machine was about 4 weeks.

Problem now is that i have absolutely no respect for my 360 anymore, I never clean it or try to maintain it as I did this previously and still got burnt, so now i find myself treating it like crap, safe in the knowlegde that if the problem rears its ugly head once again I can simply return it once more.

PumPum3852d ago

Maby its time to move on?

Fishy Fingers3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

A 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP, Gaming PC, Macbook, Iphone....

I'm not sure there's anything to move on to. I like to keep all base's covered. Plus I love my gadgets :)

SL1M DADDY3852d ago

I agree, although I do not disrespect my console, I am finding that I have turned it on fewer times than I had in the past. My fifth console and with games out for the PS3 now and more to come, I am even buying multiplat games for the PS3 just so I don't have to go through the motions of getting another Xbox 360 if and when this 5th one of mine dies. I would rather play the PS3 then wait for the 360 to die and honestly, it is fun being able to play games on a reliable console... More fun that collecting Achievement Points IMHO.

bumnut3852d ago

im on my 3rd xbox too.

ms will charge you to replace it again because the warranty runs from the original purchase date. You do get 12 months warranty with a replacement but only if you pay £60 for an out of warranty repair.

my 2nd 360 (which was a free replacement) lasted 11 months and i had to pay to get it replaced.

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PumPum3852d ago

"And it's plagued thousands of Xbox owners...."

False, it should be millions since the failure rate is above 30% denying that is just ignorance.
GDC08 showed us that the problem is no yet fixed.

True "dissapointing" is an understatement.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43852d ago

:-( Sob Sob...NOT!!! ;-D
Er the Console IS "disappointing"!!! ;-D

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