Darksiders II's character recreated in CE3, next-gen visuals showcased for various type of games

DSOGaming writes: "Ever wondered what Darksiders 2 would look like in CryEngine 3? Well, time to get a taste of it. Modder The_Distiller recreated Darksiders 2′s character, Crowfather, in CryEngine 3 and we have to admit that the end result is quite stunning. Keep also in mind that this was done by one – yet talented – modder, so imagine what a triple-A studio can achieve with Crytek’s engine."

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Godmars2901933d ago

Misses the point of art distinction.

Adexus1933d ago

Doesn't help that the Darksiders II image looks like it was taken on low settings to make the CE3 shot look better, but even still I prefer the vanilla DII picture.

Reibooi1933d ago

Art direction is the reason I don't agree when people say a Crysis game is the best looking thing out there. Sure on a technical level it looks incredible but it lacks something that games that push art direction like Darksiders or Okami or the like have.

That was one of the things that disappointed me this gen. So many games used UE3 they looked to samey and while a few were able to break away from that samey look like Borderlands so many others didn't. Last gen so many different games had incredible art direction that kept pushing what people thought graphics could do on those consoles because it was the art and no the raw power of the engines.(Again Okami is a good example)

BallsEye1933d ago

Anyone misses the times of sprite leaves on trees? Oblivion forests looked amazing! Now the trees in every game got so few leaves it's ugly.

2006 Oblivion forest ( I still play this game!)

vs 2012 Skyrim forest

I want lush forests back!!

I'd take Oblivion forest over that cryengine forest anyday.

Godmars2901933d ago

And I want every game not to be an attempt to break the uncanny valley.

There should be more than enough room in gaming to support and represent many genres, but because its more of a business than art industry we have to deal with - suffer through - COD and Skyrim clones.

Mikefizzled1933d ago

Does someone need to teach you what Autumn is?

BallsEye1932d ago



Oblivion autumn:

Any forest in skyrim or any other tree got like very few leaves on it. Same goes to other recent games. Even in Crysis 3 trees look poor:

it's not autumn there. It's like paper trees.

MWH1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

different art but looks nice still.

da_2pacalypse1933d ago

I really hope this is a tease for something coming from the new Crytek studio :D

john21933d ago

unfortunately it isn't. The model was made by a modder

DragonKnight1933d ago

The original looks better. This proves that graphics aren't always everything in the face of an original art style.

Mr-SellJack1933d ago

Original is much better cryengine is mediocre at the artistic and technical level

starchild1932d ago

Hahaha an engine is mediocre at the artistic level? lol The engine has nothing to do with the art, the artists do.

Cryengine is one of the most advanced engines on a technical level. Literally nothing you said made any sense.

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