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Indeed, everything in The Last Of Us ensures you have a close and personal experience of the game, none more so than the characters themselves, who are so well drawn and believably voiced, that it is all too easy to forget that you are experiencing fiction at its finest.

For us the toughest thing about playing The Last Of Us was tearing ourselves away from it. It is so wholly absorbing and spellbinding, that we dare say, irrespective of your views of survival-action titles, you really must play this superlative game. It has a RRP of R600 and is only available on the PS3.

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Walker1930d ago

9.9 is the highest score for this site !

xReDeMpTiOnx1930d ago

Because it just HAD to get a 9.9 lmao

r211930d ago

You know your story is great when its listed as a con meaning so good, the author didnt want it to end. Also, 9.9? Give it a 10, you know you want to ;)

ape0071930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

imo 9.9 or 9.8 or 9.7 feels like a greater score than a 10, 10s are so overused these days that it lost a bit of its spark imo, my personal best scoring system is out of 100 (percentage) just like N64 official magazine, gamefan, game masters uk, some great mags back in the day

old school is cool

JBSleek1930d ago

A masterpiece. My only complaint was glimpses of really messed up AI.

The dialogue and storytelling is some of the best I ever played through.

sdozzo1930d ago

Yeah. Cool that ellie didn't aggro people but she could bump into them and nothing would happen. Making A.I. correct must be difficult for all devs.