Evolution Praises PS4's Graphics Capability, Talks About Lighting & Simulated Clouds In DriveClub

"During the 25 minute long presentation, Evolution’s Studios Director, Col Rodgers was all praise for the PlayStation 4. He revealed that due to the graphical prowess of the PS4, they have been able to do things that were not possible before."

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GribbleGrunger1933d ago

Interesting. I wonder if they take online information on the whether in you region and apply it to the game?

showtimefolks1932d ago

I am buying drive club day one, it looks very interesting

abzdine1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

you can get it on PS+ for free, and i think it will be possible to upgrade to the full Drive Club at a cheaper price than retail price. I'll do it that way for my sake!

The weather thing is amazing, that would be crazy! definitely a game changer for me

BluEx6101932d ago

I find it weird that they have a $60 full retail version of Driveclub, and a cut down PS+ version at the same time. And Driveclub was designed with multiplayer in mind, so you'll need PS+ to play online lol.

Glad we got a launch title for free with PS Plus. It'll make the online experience better with more players. If games good, I'll buy the extra contents. So if you get a PS4 you'll have plenty of Free 2 Play games and with PS Plus you're getting even more games free. Got to love that.

Eyeco1932d ago

Yeah it's actually the game I'm more exited for on the PS4 this due to the level of ambition in the game

Npugz71932d ago

It's free with the plus membership!

Dee_911932d ago

I would rather know more about the actual game play than clouds and stars in the game.They need to release more info.There was barely any new info at e3

Foliage1932d ago

Don't look now; but a PS4 developer just mentioned using technology Xboners thought were exclusive to their mystic "teh cloud".

The clouds and stars will be processed to reflect real world conditions. This exact same methodology could be applied to AI or Physics. Technologically speaking; there is no difference.

AI and Physics would need to be synced to the second; so over relying on "teh cloud" would be a bad idea (any newbie who ever touched a computer should even have the basic knowledge to understand that a slow internet connection will limit the speed in which you can download information). Stars and cloud positioning is the perfect use for "teh cloud" aka "servers".

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husomc1932d ago

it's an always online game. The entire gist of it is to play online with friends/ try to break their records.

Hicken1932d ago

It's not an always online game.

thehitman1932d ago

Ya not really sure where people getting that information its an always online game. They are heavily marketing the social and online aspect of the game but its not an always online game.

nukeitall1932d ago


It is random:

"Some of the things that you actually see in the DriveClub demo like the accurately simulated clouds, they are random every single time you play the game."

Triforce0791932d ago

It looks Graphically worse than GT6 and looks old and tired compared to Project CARS WiiU/PC.

XabiDaChosenOne1932d ago

@Triforce The PS3 is future proof but not that future proof. Driveclub looks amazing Brah and it's only going to look even better by launch.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Now this is the good version of the cloud.

Man I am gald I am smart enough to play watch dogs for $400 instead of $500 unlike some.

deep_fried_bum_cake1932d ago

That would be bloody awful. I live in Scotland, I'd never get to play the game without rain.

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Walker1933d ago

"The PlayStation 4 is quite simply the most powerful console from the graphics point of view that’s ever existed."

It's obvious !

M-M1932d ago

Well it is, you would have to be completely arrogant to say otherwise.

ZodTheRipper1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

but what about teh cloud ...?

piroh1932d ago

another developer praises PS4´s graphics capability. considering TLOU is the most beautiful game released till now, we can expect crazy things in next-gen

Walker1932d ago

Just imagine what naughty dog can do with this freaking console !

Triforce0791932d ago

Wait until ps4 is released games will look the same as wiiu and xbox1 end of,wiiu has edram and xbox has cloud so it all evens out...WiiU has NERD developing cloud features to make wiiu more powerful don't forget that either,plus ive seen remarkable wiiu games running at Full HD already.

ProjectVulcan1932d ago

Clouds are clearly THE biggest thing on developers minds right now. As long as they can say cloud in their press interviews or reveals they are happy. We got accurately simulated clouds! Well.... We got a cloud that accurately simulates...

demonddel1932d ago

Yeah until cloud is mentioned in the same sentence as Microsoft then not so much

Tatsuya 1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It's good to hear more facts about my PS4. Bring it on devs! Third party devs praises are much better though.

fermcr1932d ago

I would much prefer Evolution making a game similar to Motorstorm. I don't care for driving simulators, prefer my driving games to be more arcade.

1932d ago
husomc1932d ago

Yes a next gen motorstorm would look awesome on the ps4.

r211932d ago

Agreed on that, would love to have seen a next gen motorstorm game. Dont get me wrong Driveclub looks fantastic and might just be fun but MS could've been insanely fun. Oh well, maybe they got another team working on MS PS4.

esemce1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I'm sure there will be a version of Motorstorm on PS4 one day, even if it's a PSN downloadable game only.

And driveclub looks great I just will they chose 60fps over eye candy.

M-M1932d ago


When and where did they confirm that?

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