Kombo: Dark Sector Review

Kombo writes: "Dark sector is a gorgeous looking game. The lighting (or lack thereof, during the game's darkest moments), textures and effects are at times on par with the industry dominant Unreal Engine 3. For an engine that was supposedly written from scratch specifically for Dark Sector, it looks and runs beautifully. The dark, dusty and hazy corridors and biohazard body bags of the unfortunate provide you with a great sense of atmosphere.

The Glaive is quite possibly one of the greatest weapons in modern gaming. It's a super-powered, three-bladed boomerang type weapon, pulled straight out of the 1983 sci-fi epic 'Krull'. Think of a bladed version of Captain America's shield… now imagine it on steroids. The glaive is ridiculously powerful; it slices, dices, juliennes and fetches. If Lasria had more greenery, I'm sure that you could use the glaive to cut the grass. The designers cleverly limited the effectiveness of the game's gunplay and emphasized the use of the glaive. As you gain more abilities over the course of the game, you develop more of a bond with the glaive as it assists you with puzzle solving, combat and literally "disarming" enemies."

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