JoJo's ASB League Gameplay - Full Matches

MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA! Earlier this week, CyberConnect2 held a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle League event showcasing short clips of gameplay for Group A and Group B of their All Star Battle League Tournament! Some people were disappointed that the matches were so short, Thanks to Saiyanisland member HystericalGamez, we now have the Full HD matches ready for you to enjoy! The matches below are complete, show the game in all of its beauty, and have not been shortened!

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JasonXE2902d ago

I don't know why anime games are so under appreciated here on N4G.

CrescentFang2901d ago

To clarify to anyone... this is A.I. versus A.I.
if you were wondering why the battles seemed kind of weird.
I'm still waiting for footage of someone REALLY playing the game.