What You Should Expect From WWE 2K14 This Year

WWE 2K14 is yet another wrestling game that will please the “millions and millions” of WWE fans around the world. Here’s what you should expect from the game when it is out later this year.

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Hoffmann1929d ago

I don't buy the wwe games anymore. They are like the yearly Fifa sequels now with nothing important added really.

+ the tons of bugs

MonChiChi1929d ago

Really enjoyed the WWE(F) games back in the attitude era. Wrestlemania 2000 on N64 was amazing and few on psone though I can't remember the names anymore( maybe smackdown or something like that).

But yea I have not bought one since. Tried a few to see how things changed, but just couldn't get into em.

cleft51929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I wish they would just make a HD version of No Mercy, or even the original version, with trophies/achievements and gameplay intact.

stone_cold1929d ago

after the official trailer im :


desertpunk861929d ago

the only reason i bought wwe 13 was because i could play in the attitude era.

Phil321929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Garbage. Just like last year and the year before... and the year before. Get rid of Yukes already. They're a trash developer.

TheUndertaker851929d ago

This article is a "duh" situation. If you've followed the news of the WWE games at all, THQ already had work going on for WWE '14 before '13 even launched. '15 was also being worked on for Next Gen consoles.

Don't blame Yukes. Blame the crapshoot known as THQ that wanted these things churned out waaaayyyyy in advance.

Don't expect an actual 2K product until '16 unless they decide to drop work that's already done, which seems unlikely. I'll be much happier to see the day 2K launches their own product.