HAZE Blow-Out: Characters, Vehicles and Weapons


"We were lucky enough to be invited by Free Radical and Ubisoft to a Haze event in London where, along with playing through a considerable chunk of the campaign in four player co-op, we got to know the ins and outs of this not too distant future world. Follow the link for new details on the game's characters, vehicles and weapons."

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MrBii4246d ago

Cool. Game will entertain me untill the destroyer of consoles arrives: MGS4.

Fishy804246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

i will never trust ubisoft again...
check out how bad R6V2 online is in PSN, u cant even connect. it was soo glitchy, and soo many bugs.
and i still notice there is frameskip in Haze video's :/

gonna wait for BF: Bad company

SL1M DADDY4246d ago

This is developed by Free Radical, not Ubi so you can bet that it will be better online than RS:V2.

Qbanboi4245d ago

Lol, that was so funny.

I mean, do you trust EA better than Ubisoft? ^^ If you think R6V2 was bad, OB was worse.

SL1M DADDY4246d ago

I am loving the concept so much that I will imagine puting forth a bit of tolerance in slight frame rate issues and a few small issues will be easy just for the sake of getting a chance to run through the motions in this game. Many great knew ideas here and I would hate to miss them. Gamefly - HERE I COME!

ScottEFresh4245d ago

Can't wait to form a convoy with the Serpent Tooth and then blow the sit out of them with a nuke!!

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