Don Mattrick and a Potential Xbox One Disaster

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, praised his contribution to the company and Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga, also foresaw a bright future for him in his new job. Analysts quickly pointed out that one man is not fundamental to the launch of the Xbox One and that the process should not be affected in any significant way. But many gamers cannot escape one simple question: why would anyone jump ship to Zynga, a company widely seen as in decline, when he has a chance to handle the launch of the Xbox One, the next-generation console from behemoth Microsoft?

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dedicatedtogamers2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

" Analysts quickly pointed out that one man is not fundamental to the launch of the Xbox One..."

Which is correct.

"...and that the process should not be affected in any significant way"

Which is exactly why everyone should still be wary of the X1.

The team who made it is still there. The bosses beneath Mattrick (Spencer, Mehdi, etc) are still there. The PR team (Greenburg, Major Nelson) are still there. The CEO of Microsoft, who was involved in the creation of the X1, is still the CEO.

SO yeah, Mattrick leaving will have very little effect...which is a very, very bad thing.

JohnnyBadfinger2024d ago

Im buying the Xbox one because you keep telling everyone not too. You sound like a Jehovah's Witness trying to force your beliefs on to everyone. You know what everyone does when they come knocking? They shut their doors in their faces. Don't give a fuck how much better my life would be with a playstation in it, its your belief, your preference.

While I ain't jumping to the next gen come October or November I will wait till January or even march before I buy into any next gen hype. Because that's all it is at the moment. Theoretical hype. Neither company's have a working final unit yet so well see how they handle it after 5 months on the market.
I betcha the contents of my bank account they will equal in terms of performance. Betcha!

awesomeperson2024d ago

I'll take you up on that bet. The next-gen consoles will not be equal in terms of performance.

Parapraxis2024d ago

" Neither company's have a working final unit yet"
Got a source for that? lol

JohnnyBadfinger2024d ago

The fact that both company's used "dev kits" at E3 is my proof

gaelic_laoch2024d ago

There is no sign of OZ getting the PS4 until 2014 anyway, meanwhile ill be playing the PS4 while watching re-runs of the LIONS vs OZ sipping on Fosters and eating a Vegamite sandwich! ;)

Transporter472024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


You need to get yourself informed, do you know what the Devkits do?

BTW to create ps1/ps2/xbox/xbox360/ps3/xbone /ps4 all use devkits to develop the games for those consoles....

JohnnyBadfinger2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Well then Xbox will be the prominent console choice yet again.

OFF TOPIC- @ gaelic laoch
Fosters isn't what we drink its what we export to foreigners. Basically put our finest sheeps piss into a bottle and told the rest of the world it's what all Aussies drink. And Rugby is only religious followed by 2 states here, the rest is AFL. But I'll finish that vegemite sanga if don't want the rest of it ;)

Polysix2024d ago

@JohnnyBadfinger Must be strange being so wrong about so many things? Should change your name to JohnnyBadopinion :)

Hicken2024d ago

So when was the last time a company didn't use dev kits for their consoles at E3 before they were actually out?

Your proof is no proof at all.

Is your bank account also fake?

JohnnyBadfinger2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Just because you don't agree with my opinion doesn't make it wrong. Your opinion that I'm wrong is wrong. Should change your name to Polyhasntquitegotgraspoftheeng lishlanguagesix... But that's just my bad opinion :)

AtomicGerbil2024d ago

"I'm buying the XBOX One because you keep telling everyone not to."

I can't fathom what kind of message you are trying to relay here but that sounds like it would come from the mouth of a stroppy toddler.

Your Jehovah's Witness analogy is kind of pathetic. The whole "Microsoft have tried to screw everybody" debacle is not a belief system based on myth. Near every problem people have with the Xbox One can be backed up with evidence easily found online, much of which in the form of press releases from Microsoft themselves.

What this means to me personally is that given what we know Microsoft have got some tremendous work to do to convince me to buy their console, and it doesn't automatically mean that Sony are getting my money. But at this stage Sony have the better chance.

n4rc2024d ago

In my eyes.. He is right

u Sony fans are actually the biggest reason I don't want a ps4.. Quite frankly, I don't want to game with you.. Not all of you mind you.. Just the arrogant douchbags that can't allow you to not agree with them lol

I hate that you seem to view a game console as a religion.. And that you need to convert everyone to your cause..

Enjoy ps4, I'll enjoy my Xbox one..

GodGinrai2024d ago

PS4 is awesome..but PS fanboys on N4G are bat shit crazy! Even when its common knowledge that the PS4 is more powerful they STILL feel the need to remind everybody, while talking down everybody else in the process.

So yeah they are like jehovas witness but dont let that stop you from buying what will be a great console.

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CRAIG6672024d ago

dedicatedtogamers - dedicatedtobeingapatheticfanbo y.

GusBricker2024d ago

Mattrick deserved to lose his job just for the buy a 360 if you don't have internet access comment.

Xbox One is going to be fine, though. The games look great and lets hope MS keeps throwing money into game development, whether it be first or third party. We gamers just want games and so far, the launch window is looking pretty damn sweet.

Transporter472024d ago

You mean like the guy from M$ taht got fired for saying "Deal with it" unlike that guy, Don Mattrick tried his best to defend DRM the only problem is that you should never need to defend DRM specially when it invades your consumers to such a degree.

GusBricker2024d ago

Terrible marketing.

He basically said, if you don't have a constant internet connection, sorry, you're not good enough for our new console, but hey, you can still play offline with a 360...and thus, he literally pushed gamers towards the PS4/WiiU, etc.

TheSaint2024d ago

Jump ship? No, I saw oar marks across the guys back.

brave27heart2024d ago

I love how people are still thinking that Microsoft said to Don Mattrick "sorry mate clear your desk you're fired" and he picks up the phone, calls Zynga and says "hey can be your next CEO on a bigger salary than I was on" and they say sure thing.

All in a week.

This process started months ago. The reason he was a bit of a tool at E3 is because he knew he was leaving and didnt give a flock.

Grimhammer002024d ago

I find it very sad that the console war and perceived fan loyalty consumes all.

If I tell you your an asshat then I say - "oh, I take that back".......only after all your family and friends gave me crap.....what's that say about me?

Yet xbots just want to ignore that MS wasn't just craping on their fans - they wanted to take down the whole industry with their DRM garbage!

n4rc2024d ago

Ms doesn't give a crap about DRM..

The industry wants it.. Its already there in he form of online passes etc..

Ms tried to stream line it so users wouldn't be at the mercy of every publishers approach to DRM..

most people just have absolutely no clue what they are talking about

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