Pandemic Are Indeed Doing A New Batman Game

Around a year ago, there was speculation that Pandemic were working on the tie-in game for the upcoming Batman movie. Said speculation was right on the money, as courtesy of IGN (who have since pulled the story, but like an elephant Kotaku rarely forgets), Kotaku have confirmation of the game's development. Sort of. See, Kotaku know Pandemic are developing, and know EA will - being Pandemic's new owners - be publishing the game, and...that's it. No platforms, no name, no bullet points about innovative stealth sections and an open-world Gotham City, nothing. IGN's story was most likely removed in exchange for a more "official" announcement, though, so more specific information can''t be too far off.

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Citizen Cook4248d ago

Good to hear, hope it doesn't suck like Batman Begins - the game did though. Strange we haven't heard much though, weird....

Considering IRONMAN is out this summer as well, yet Sega have released videos, screenshots, etc...